General Organics Formula Changed?!

Discussion in 'Organic Cultivation' started by Tony Aroma, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Tony Aroma

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    Since what I had is a few years old, I bought some new General Organics ferts today, both the Grow and Bloom formulas. Looks like the new versions have a lot LESS in them!

    The old Grow formula says "Vegan" on the label, and has boron, copper, manganese, iron and zinc. The new Grow formula removed "Vegan" from the label, and has none of those additional components, but has added sulphur.

    Same with the Bloom formula, the old formula has boron, copper, manganese, iron and zinc. The new formula has none of those, but has also added sulphur.

    Is this difference going to have any noticeable effect? Do I now need an additional supplement(s)? I'm growing in organic soil.
  2. mt.king

    mt.king mud drags champion

    Try some AZOMITE in your soil
  3. ResinRubber

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    Got nuthin on the G.O. changes, but yo Tony! You still rolling Mandala gear?
  4. Justcheckingitout

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    What's up Tony! I noticed the new changes, a couple of us were talking about it a while back. I hate to admit I never thought of looking on the lable for changes, we just noticed a difference and was trying to figure out what it was...LOL You got to download your old avatar back up....

    In case you and mt.king didn't know you can download it from the old site, here is the link...
  5. JCgrow

    JCgrow Planted Seed

    I wonder what prompted the change though. I wrote to the company but haven't received a response.
  6. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    I'm guessing the sale of the company. They told me nothing changed on their 3 part series but I honestly think they switched suppliers or something because I started having issues.

    I've changed and haven't looked back.

    Speaking of organics, anyone tried root organic? Got some samples at the store and used on my tomatoes, fairly impressed and the soil they have in the camo bag is nice as well.
  7. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    BB214 was using some Roots gear. Might want to dig through a few of his old posts for info.
  8. Tony Aroma

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  9. Discorilla

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    General Organics is also owned by Hawthorne now. I'd imagine we'll see a few changes to things, as they get into the weed game even more.

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