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    Tutorial written by rangerdanger ... formatted for your reading pleasure by MellowDood

    Just some very beginner (101) information for BEGINNER INDOOR GROWERS


    Before we get into the nuts and bolts, first know this:

    Growing pot at home will change your life

    (1) Everyone who lives with you will know you’re growing.
    (2) You won’t be able to have friends over like you used to.

    You don’t want them to know about your money tree. People talk and eventually EVERYONE will know. Trust me on this one. No more having friends sleep over. They will find out. If you have the plants in a closet, wardrobe, cabinet, etc., anyone who goes into the room where the plants are will smell them.

    AND know that if you get busted, everyone who lives there will also be in trouble, ESPECIALLY if you are a minor.

    You’re gonna have to read -- a lot.
    Read a growbook or 2. Anything by Ed Rosenthal is good. Many are available on-line, free, do a search. Read before you do anything else.

    Now, if you’re still with us, let’s get down to business...


    Get the growspace ready BEFORE you germinate seeds.

    You will need an enclosure. Like a closet or wardrobe. You will need to paint the inside walls with flat white paint or put in mylar. Avoid using aluminum foil.

    The enclosure needs to be light-tight. NO light leaks.


    You will need ventilation. A door left open ain’t gonna cut it. Plants need fresh air; the more the better. You need an intake and exhaust. And an oscillating fan for air distribution and stem strength.


    While it’s possible to grow plants under a few fluorescents, you’re not gonna get much worth smoking unless you pack the growroom with them. Using an HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light will get you 3 x more buds than flo’s. More potent too.

    Some growers like to use flo’s for seedlings or MH’s for veg. I prefer using a full-spectrum HPS bulb (like an Agrosun) for the entire grow.



    I recommend using bag seeds for a first grow. They are free and usually very hardy, especially Mexican commercial. Get familiar with growing before spending $$$ for seeds.

    NOTE: (MellowDood) there are cheap seeds offered by Nirvana seedbank, only about $15-20 for a pack of 10 beans. these are better than bagseed in my opinion because with bagseed you might be getting hermies. i started with bagseed and had great success, but i got lucky.


    Soil. Hydro is quicker but more complicated.

    The best potting soils are Fox Farms Ocean Forest or Black Gold. Sam’s Choice from wal-mart will do in a pinch.


    Can you grow pot without meeting all of the above criteria?
    Yeah, but it won’t be worth your time, trouble, cost and risk
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