"GHS Cheese, Barney's ST, SAGE Diary"aka: Bagseed Beauties

Discussion in 'The Growkind Gallery' started by CaptKush, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. CaptKush

    CaptKush Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Here is the hopeful ladies under their 600w HPS.

    They are all bagseed, but all quality bud. 2 seeds came from dank bud that was being called SAGE and I am pretty sure the guy knew the source. There is one giant Sativa, 1 spindly sativa, and 1 STOUT indica. They are all being LST'd and were vegged for a little over a month I think. This is day 3 of 12/12.

    Stout Indy
    Giant Sativa
    Spindly Sativa

    I decided that since I had 2 threads going, I would just make 1...So mods you can do whatever you want with the threads...i dont know if you can combine them into this thread...

    There is 6 ladies under the 600w HPS right now...still have 1 Cheese and 2 Barney's Sweet Tooth to add.
    As of now there are 2 Greenhouse Cheese and 4 bagseed, 2 which are supposed to be SAGE but are VERY indica dominant so who knows. All Females. Bagseeds are on day 6 of 12/12 and Cheese is on day 1. Bagseeds are being LST'd.

    enjoy....I wont post as many pics anymore until they get good
    "SAGE" top view
    "SAGE" under view
    "SAGE" side view
    Sativa bagseed...super stretchy
    Cheese...32 days veg...day 1 flower
    Whole garden
  2. dooobster

    dooobster A Fat Sticky Bud

    They look pretty nice, Cap'n!
  3. Kind Cola

    Kind Cola Loves White Rino

    Nice pics CaptKush.. I grew out S.A.G.E. around 4 years ago its one of my top 5 favorites,, Cant wait to see these fill out
  4. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    Nice Job Capt You really got that LST down pat. Bud
  5. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    they're all nice, cap'n! :thumbsup: i prefer indicas, myself. :love4:
  6. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Looking good! :smoke2:
  7. CaptKush

    CaptKush Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Just an update...

    The stout indica was a male, which i assume since he was so stout and bushy. All 4 others appear to be female, but I am still watching to see. Its day 6 of flowering and I will take some pics when the lights go on tonight.
  8. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still

    Lookin' good, Capt! :thumbsup:

    Too bad the indica was male.....and good luck on the remaining fems! :rocker:

    We'll be watchin' this one! :animbong:
  9. SteelCity Smoker

    SteelCity Smoker To Be Continued

    I have never grown from bagseed. I was always under the impression that more often than not they turned herm. If this is not the case i may have to try it I mean I have some nirvana ice to start but what the hell i'll buy a sack of good mids and give it a whirl. I have always been curious how much better i could grow the bud than what actually came in the bag. DSP

    PS please chime in on the mostly herm idea i have. i'm not gonna waste space on seedy tree.
  10. krondikebar

    krondikebar In A Cloud Of Kush Smoke

    those first two are gorgeous
  11. CaptKush

    CaptKush Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    I would say from my experience that there is some chance of herm. My first grow was all bagseed and one hermed and turned them all pretty seedy. My last 2 grows have had 1 bagseed each and they were both lovely ladies. I would say that my first grow might have been grower error that produced the stress and then herm. BUT I do believe that sometimes the reason there are seeds in bud is because they hermed in the first place, which I then believe would lead to hermed seeds. I could be wrong tho.

    Unfortunately that was the male! :icon_confused: Oh well
  12. NeonLights

    NeonLights Excommunicated

    I have had lots of luck in the past with bagseeds. For the most part commercially grown MJ is not grown with much care. This being your $100 an oz. type. Give it some TLC and you will have something worth smoking. As for the hermie question, I have not noticed such a issue.
  13. dooobster

    dooobster A Fat Sticky Bud


    I too have had good luck with bagseed. In fact, it's all I've ever grown. I've actually had more females than males or hermies, so I can't really say anything bad about it.

    Neon420 makes a good point also, that most commercially grown MJ isn't well taken care of, and that's probably why there are lots of seeds.

    To commercial growers, seeds = more weight = more $$ per harvest. They don't care enough to yank out the males, or hermies for that matter.

    So I say, if bagseed is all you have, grow it! If you take good care of it, you might just get better smoke than what the seed originally came from.

    Peace! dooob
  14. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    Commercial Growing! and CAPPYS GROW!

    What COMMERCIAL growers are we talking about here!?!?:icon_confused: :) lol

    IMO, the COMMERCIAL side of things, just stands by a fact, that its a HIGH producer, which Normally/Quite Normally, is just a high producing genetic strain, which are quite comonly slightly weaker Genetics in general, but not always though!!!

    I mean ive had a 6 Oz Producer from One Bitch, and it was off the Hook POTENT shit bro (Just for an example anyway!lol) :)

    As for the other thing, The HERMIE situe, CAPPY, the HERMIE (Turned HERMIE MJ bush!?!?) Should Most Probably Produce ya, some FEMALE genetaics in this case. As its My understanding that iff a TRUE female has been stressed to Produce seeds, whether by choice or w/e, it should have a REPRESSED HERMIE trait in them , or FULLY FEMALE seeds, or Just Start off a TRUE FEMALE, but few bananas MAY, MAY,lol, Show up toward the last coming weeks, which Should still keep it to be a decent Smoke! :) :wink:

    So heres Hoping ya get yourself some FEMALE seds CAPPY, and ya'l be laughing all the way to the bank with all those FEMALE or REPRESSED HERMIE MJ seeds, that should keep ya going for a goos few grows huh?!?!?!lol

    Peace Out n REally NIce BUshy's CAPt....

    P.S, The S.A.G.E, Is a SATIVA DOM plant, just to add, of course ya may get a Similar but diff Phenotype, thats still S.A.G.E, but TRUE SAGE is a SATIVA all the way, im lead to believe!

    Peace n Really NIce growing,:thumbsup: :bigok:

    Ive got some 5 pack of greenhouseseeds CHEESE myself, But il be keeping them for a year or two before i go ahrtead n TRY for the CHEESE, as this IS, my LAST Grow for Myself, for a good while anyway!!!:wink:

    Grow on CAP,

    Really NIcely Kept Green too i must add,:thumbsup: :bigok:

    UBB...........:pimp: :potleaf:


    Its all down to LUCK with BAGSEEDS, FULL STOP!!!

    Iff yar getting Great FEMALES from BAGSEED, then yor a Very LUCKY man/woman!

    And BAGSEEDS can be HERMIE'd out seeds, or TRUE FEMALES, or W/E seeds, Its Your LUCK in what is Produced from bagseed, out a Baggy of either KINDer weed or NORMAL/AVG BAGSEED WEED!!


    GROW ON CAP-KUSH :potleaf: :pimp:
  15. royalfronts

    royalfronts New Sprout

    nice im growin bagseed my damnself
  16. CaptKush

    CaptKush Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Herm update

    Well heres an update without pics. It has now been 2 1/2 week flowering. I regret to inform you that I had 2 ladies herm on me. They were both the sativa ones, the large one and the spindle one. I found 1 ball sack towards the bottom of the plant, so I pitched them. It seemed a little early to see herms, but who knows.

    of the 2 SAGEs, 1 is very indica and one is slighty indica, which makes me think its not SAGE. You NEVER know with bagseed, especially when someone "tells" you what it is. Oh well they are my 2 best looking plants, so Im happy.

    I would update some pics, but it is a very boring time period in the room. give me a week or so and ill show.

    As far as the commercial growing goes...I think what doob is talking about is how many "growers" dont care for their plants as much as you and I. They have too many plants to really care, also, you KNOW that weed isnt USUALLY being cured or dried properly. Ive gotten MANY a bags that were still wet. Evens up weighing about 25% less in a couple days. There are many growers who take their time and produce a SPECTACULAR bud, but unfortunately there are more who dont take their time.
  17. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    Yes bro....:thumbsup: I Hear what was said, I thiunk someone,lmao, has taken ME (UBB) the WROMG way, ad sent me some BAD REP saise of this, and its all good, :laughing5: Always Remembered and Found!

    I REALLY wonder WHY, someone would BAD REP someone for AN "OPINION" oin something, unless their very bored, or think they know it all themselves!

    BAD attitude ONLY brings YOU DOWN (The PERSON BAD REPPJNG becauswe of OPINIONS and HELP i was trying to give too!) hahaha

    So much for understanding in the GK forums, we seem to be all on diff WAVE LENGTHS when someone answers someone,lmao at it really!

    But Im sure Cappy would/Will KNOW what i was trying to say/help,ON "HIS" THREAD!!!:wink: :bigok:



    But GLAD to hear ya got TWO, to still get good Buddage from :thumbsup: :bigok:

    Good work none the less bro...:thumbsup: :bigok:


    UBB...........:pimp: :potleaf:

    P.S "BLAH BLAH BLAH",was that all ya got to say, and DONT even Leave your Name?!?!? lmao, whoever you are???? :ponder: hahaah. Cos thats what ya wrote ya (BLEEEEEEEP) lmfao......:icon_geek: :nono5: :qright7: :XXspam: :binkybaby: :5censored: :eusa_naughty: :bj: :teaser: :pimp: :rastaman2:

    PEACE TO ALL in GK, as ALWAYS from ME...UBB.
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  18. CaptKush

    CaptKush Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Wait...Im confused...I DIDNT give UBB bad rep. I hope you werent directing that at me. I only give bad rep to dumb comments. I :love4: UBB! :notworthy:
  19. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    lol No No No!!! Cappy, all is GOOD bro...

    Its all good brotha, its all good, found the lil bugger, f**k him, he obviousely doesnt know whatTF he talks about, or he would have UNDERSTOOD me from the start,lmfao @ him! Either that, or hes just Illiterate!!! lol:laughing5: ( Instead of Jumping i HEAD FIRST!!!) :wink:

    Anyway, NO, NOT you Cappy:) , all is good, and so is your grow so i see! :smokin: :) :bigok: @ Cappy!!!:thumbsup:

    Liking everything about your thread btotha, Nothing to do with you, all is good as i say bro, but lets CHANGE the subject now,lol, as it's all GOOD :wink:

    So, How's the Lil Babies Doing Cappy my good man?????

    Id STILL LOVE to see some of em pictures of that PHENOTYPE ya have in your BAGSEED collection, I was loving everybit of the PHENO's you were getting, so lets Hope the REST hold out, n surprise you with a full on scale HARVEST! :thumbsup:

    Peace Cappy my good friend, :) :smokin:


    UBB...........:pimp: :potleaf: :thumbsup:
  20. CaptKush

    CaptKush Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    All good UBB...

    I will try to take some pics of those Phenos that I have. The one "SAGE" has really showed that its actually more sativa dominant, so hopefully it IS Sage. The leaves are pretty thin and skinny. The other bagseed has a little bigger leaves. They are 3 weeks 12/12 today. Pics will be on later.

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