Girl Scout Cookies

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    #1-Strain:> Girl Scout Cookies from #2-Appearance:> Extreamly frost/tricome covered!#3-Taste:> Not sure#4-Aroma:> citrus and some sweet undertones.#5-High/Stone type:> nice over all body stone, comes on quickly and last a couple of hours.#6-Source:> BC bud depot#7-Price:> $150.00 US dollars#8-Potency:> 9-10#9-Overall Rating:> 9-10#10-Overall Description:> I grew out two different phenos. Both are strong with a narcotic affect. :thumbsup:#11-Would you Reccomend:> YES, YES, YES#12-Smokers General Comments:> One of the best strains I have ever smoked, Very relaxing end of the day smoke. THC raiting is 20-21% She has a place in my garden.




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    Started harvesting my GSC Mr.GJ. I'm taking buds as they mature so the harvest will be ongoing. I have to split this crop with my buddy that supplied the plants so I want to get as much off them as I can. Mine popped a few 'nanners' too. Must be a trait they carry. :eusa_eh:

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