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    Resin posting from Admin here,

    I know I've requested FAQ submissions lately and have been unable to get the FAQ open to member submission. A couple of you, skunky and Sirstynk, have submitted updates via PM. Thanks so much guys.:thumbsup: Hit them with some rep next time you see one of their posts. They both deserve it.

    Think I finally found the buried switch and got the FAQ open for member posts. (It was deep in the bowels of GK templates, go figger?) If any of you guys, or gals, see a glaring hole in our knowledge pool, I invite you to dive in and fill it.

    Again...I'm old and confused when it comes to checking the right box to make the right shit show up in the right place at the the right time and does what it's supposed to. If the FAQ won't accept your post, please contact me.


    Thanks in advance folks. Without you, there isn't any GK or knowledge pool to draw from.

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    Cool. Thanks for your work Res.

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