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Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by TheApprentice, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    :icon_salut:Ok felow GKers,as some of y'all will know it was recently suggested by members on the sub forums about having a thread dedictaed to GK members top 10 strains,it was also pointed out that not everyone has smoked 10 top qualtiy strains so its optional,you can do a top3 or top 5 if you dont want to do a top10 strains list.This thread will be a sticky so will remain at the top of this forum.

    The public poll was taken and after a pollin admin its been decided its a good member suggestion and this is the most suitable place for the threadThanks for the suggestion,just shows all suggestions made to mods are ALWAYS discussed and voted on in admin.Heres the link to the GK POLL that resulted in this thread becoming from a member suggestion to a GK sticky thread.(POLL LINK> .http://www.growkind.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27858 )CONGRATS:eusa_clsp:

    (It is entirely optional if you want to add a general comment section after the top 10 list BTW)Cheers:potleaf:
  2. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Apprentices Top 10 strains of all time

    Hers my list of my all time fav top 10 strains,some ppl may look at a few of my choices and think that strain aint all that but remember some of these iv grown,others iv bought from fellow cultivators so its not just stuff of the streets which the dealer has given a name to like purple haze:rolleyes2: .All strains mentioned have been smoked by me(and prolly UrBigBudie aswell,lol)and also some strains iv like others dont,i also like specific strains for specific reasons.Cheers:potleaf:


    Strain#1: AK-47

    Strain#2: Blueberry (original)

    Strain#3: Purple Thistle (a strain me and UBB named&grew)

    Strain#4: White Widow

    Strain#5: G13 X Hash Plant(Mr.Nice/G13)

    Strain#6: Pot of Gold

    Strain#7: Real Mc Coy

    Strain#8: S.A.G.E

    Strain#9: Northern Lights#5

    Strain 10: ICE CREAM

    General Comments: I found compiling this list really really tough as theres sooo many strains i feel i should have put in but when i looked at my list i honeslty couldnt remove ANY of them as they are all favs that iv grown or smoked,like the G13 I first tried in Amsterdam and it was AMAZING and i spose the memoris alone make it into the list,lol.NOT AS EASY AS YOU THINK MAKING A TOP 10 LIST PPL!!

    Iv smoked some other more well know strains and some great hybrids but iv tried to keep the list of my top 10 strains to ones that iv smoked recently cos ones iv smoked like 3 years ago i tnd to forget just how good they were like good Thai Stick or Grapefruit aswell as many cross strains i could hve incldued but i tried to make the lis strains that as far as i am aware are still commercially available except #3 which was a strain crossed with a purple strain and hindu Kush here in Scotland that we named Purple Thislte(its in one of my old gardens)and ppl still say its the best weed they ever smoked.

    My top 4 strains are all ones iv grown,#5 is one i smoke whenevr i get the chance and #6 iv just completed /harvested and am smoking right now,i actually feel as if it should be higher up the list but theres some great strain in front of it but POG is amazing!

    Theres just so many strains,like my BigBang strain with its NL x Skunk#1 x El Nino parenateg/genetics but seeing as i aint harvested it yet and only flash dried it i thought it wrong to inclue as it aint finished yet but it was very relaxing and happy feeling stone.

  3. Max_Devious

    Max_Devious Germinated

    Top 8

    My Top 8 Strain's Are

    1. White Widow

    2. Kush

    3. Durban Poison

    4. Haze

    5. Chronic

    6. "Kryptonite"

    7. Blueberry

    8. Green Spirit

    The widow was the strongest shit ive smoked but the high of the kush was out of this world, I smoked DP right after i started smoking a few years ago. It was really trippy shit i loved it but i couldnt stand up. Haze blew my mind and chronic made everything smoother. I never heard of Krytonite but i tried half a gram of it and half a gram of the green spirit for 20. I got maybe a half Ounce of blueberry. A really nice high but it got old kinda fast.
  4. Cannagirl

    Cannagirl Preheat to 420

    1. Nirvana Bubbalicious <-grew it

    2. Sour Diesal

    3. Sensi Star

    4. White Rhino

    5. Nirvana Citral <- grew it, very sweet

    These are strains that I 100% am sure of what I was smoking (grew it myself or knew the person who did).
  5. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    TOP 10 strains Tried by Me!

    Ok peeps here, YOUR Big Buddie's TOP 10 greatest strains that "IVE" definately tried, that i can remember of! (NOT necessarily Grown them all)

    Grow on all GKer's.......

    1/ Original Blueberry... (GROWN)

    2/ AK47.... (Smoked Up)

    3/ Purple Thistle (GROWN / a SKUNK#1 Production Cross from UBB and TheApprentice!)

    4/ White Widow.... (Smoked Up)

    5/ Jack Herer.... (Smoked Up)

    6/ G13..... (Smoked Up)

    7/ K2.... (Smoked Up)

    8/ Pot Of Gold... (Smoked Up)

    9/ Afgahnnica#1 .... (Smoked Up and Tried Growing, But no Success with females:icon_confused: :) )

    10/ Swazzi-Red-Beard (Tried Growing, and Smoked Up)

    * Would'nt wanna Just Put up all strains GROWN By myself,:sign13: as NOT all of them were anywhere near as Potent or Strong as the one's "I've" listed Above,that were SMOKED, apart from the ones highlighted as "GROWN"..... (Grown by ME (UBB) Myself)...:bigok: :potleaf: :pimp:

    UBB....... TOP LIST of Great Potent Strains Tried by Myself!!!

    P.S, As said above from others, Ive NOT been able to think of them al, although, thats Plenty for a good TOP 10 List...:thumbsup:
  6. greybush79

    greybush79 I-Y-Q-Y-Q-R_!!

    My favs

    My favorite strains are all from my travels(pl) to AMS(amsterdam)

    My all time favorite is Jack Herer. It was the only joint in any coffeeshop I could not finish. No other weed comes close as far as strength. Otherwise it has a commercial chron look and smell, BUT man the high! My second comes from Barney's, and it is called Amnesia Haze. I love the spice of hazes, and the high is very high! And the third place is super silver haze/ S.A.G.E. It is a draw between these two. Speaking of two, that was my 2 cents


  7. Cybele

    Cybele Working with MotherNature

    Top 10. Not thee most potent but my fav strains for the buzz i get from them!

    I've had the pleasure of having lots of cultivator friends in my life aswell as partner so i've been lucky enough to try many types of weed and even survived a weekend in Amsterdam one time:icon_wink: .Heres my top strains.All smoked,none grown though im afraid.Take Care:icon_smile:


    #1> Jack Herer *****

    #2> AK-47 *****

    #3> Paint Haze *****

    #4> Thai Skunk X Thai -Tanic *****

    #5> Swiss Miss *****

    #6> MasterKush X NL ****

    #7> Original Blueberry ****

    #8> Hollands Hope ****

    #9> Grapefruit ****

    #10> White Widow ****

  8. hellostupid

    hellostupid Stupid Iz. Stupid Duz.

    I havn't smoked that many good herbs untill lately...

    ...I used to smoke mexican brick then to commercial chron...mostly Kush...so here's my Top 10:

    10)BlueBerry(commercial&grew)>very sticky and fruity & colorful. Smooth and can be very narcotic if you take enough puffs.

    9)Northern Lights#5(homegrown by a friend)>Like Pot of Gold; very balanced.

    8)Kush x BubbleGum(commercial)>A very tasty indica...can cause couch lock.

    7)BullRyder(commercial)> very stoney/narcotic.

    6)Sour Diesel(commercial)...very expensive: i can see why! Very potent.

    5)TrainWreck(commercial)>Beware! Can cause couch lock! Not too cerebral. It did give me the Giggles and Munchies.

    4)NYCD(grew): after burping>tastes like cool minty vic's vapour & smells the Best!!! Medium Potency. The high takes a few minutes to creep in: no couch lock in this one.

    3)Pot of Gold(commercial)...Very stoney&equally cerebral...Wow! Potent.

    2)KaliMist(commercial)...ultra cerebral high...soaring! Very Potent. Can go clubbin' on this sativa.

    1)Nirvana's White Rhino PowerXDutch Passion's Shaman(grew): the potency is like green crack cocaine...incredible fruity flavour inhale/exhale...need I say more? It's crazy that Nirvana is the cheapest beans...yet my favorite!?!

    :evil4: I'm very excited with the new strains i plan to sprout...me thinks my Top 10 will change very soon...:evil4:
  9. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    i havnt grown out many, and aint much of a smoker, but so far amongst the few ive grown, (all top quality f1's,) white russian grows the best. so far ive grown

    ak-47 serious seeds

    afghani not sure which seedbank since i grew from clones

    jack herer clone from origional seedbank

    white russian serious seeds

    i have two white russians in bloom amongst one jack herer, one ak, an the rest affi, an the russian is kicking ass all over the rest. with 23% thc, an a balanced high im hoping this will be as good of a quality as the others im growin, an hopefully better. ill have to see what my clients say.
  10. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    1) Chemdawg

    2) SFV OG Kush

    3) Original/Daywrecker/Headband Diesel

    4) Pre 98 Bubba Kush

    5) Katsu Bubba Kush

    6) Pure Kush

    7) Trainwreck

    8) East Coast Sour Diesel

    9) Catpiss

    10) Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough

    11) Chocolate Thai

    12) AE77 Cali-O

    13) Dabney Blu

    14) Comatose (Champagne x Somatose)

    15) Road Kill Skunk

    16) Super Silver Haze (catpiss pheno)

    17) Mendo Purps

    18) Garlic Bud

    19) C-99

    20) A4

    Sorry, couldn't limit it to just 10.

    I have grown all on the list except #1, 11, and 15. Only smoked those.

    The last 10 are in no particular order.

    Those are my top strains. Wish I could get a hold of #'s 11,12,15 and 18 again. Haven't seen most of those in over 10 years.

    9 of the strains listed are currently in the stable.

  11. ElektroBuds

    ElektroBuds Veggy Stage

    Dam, you guys really been around the block a couple of times

    when i was little i smoked catpiss with some buddies. we all hit it twice and fell asleep within 15 minutes, but im gonna leave it out, only had it once

    unfortunatly ive only smoked a few so heres my top 3

    1) Orange strain (possibly orange kush?)

    2) White Rhino

    3) Blueberry (some blueberry strain)
  12. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Alright here are a few of mine.

    1. True Blueberry- DJ shorts

    2. Grandaddy purple

    3. OG strawberry cough (Kyle Kushman)

    4. Flo -Dj shorts

    5. Sour diesel

    6. Ultimate indica

    7. Ice- nirvana

    8. Mental floss- chimira

    9. Skywalker (DP)

    10. Plingbling - my old mix of some nirvana strains (Skunk#1xNLxbluemystic)
  13. Scorpio

    Scorpio Sticky Skunky Buds

    Where can I get Granddaddy Purple seeds at, from what I heard it's clone only in CAL.
  14. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Grandaddy purple is clone only as far as I know, unless someone made some seeds.
  15. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    GDP is clone only. Unless as skunky said someone made beans. Which would most likely be S1 from a closet pollen chucker.

    Skunk, never heard it called OG Strawberry Cough. Just Kyle Kushman S.C.

    I currently have a nice mother plant of it. good cerebral high that hits you in the back of the head after just a couple tokes. Smells soooo fucking good too.
  16. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    OG is the same thing from what I understand just easier to type I guess.
  17. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Kinda what I thought skunky. I always just call it KKSC for short. At least I know we're talking about the same strain.
  18. Clyde Green

    Clyde Green Guest

    Back to the subject, maybe .:sign13:


    1. Acapulco Gold

    2. Maui Wowee

    3. Columbian Gold

    4. Panama Red

    Best Hashish

    1. Afgahni Red

    2. Lebanese Blond slab

    Best grown

    1. Nirvana's Bubbleliscious

    2. Nirvana's Aurora Indica
  19. Scorpio

    Scorpio Sticky Skunky Buds

    Nice, yep Acapulco Gold is very good so is Columbian Gold.
  20. nobogart

    nobogart Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    willie nelson - top notch after a couple tokes u feel it creep up the back of your neck across the top and around the sides the the i could of had a v8 smack in the forehead i simply love the stuff.......

    Master Kush- Nirvanna body buzz couch lock very soothing

    hindu kush - from Hi-C, love it buddy, still owe you pics man, like the master but more heady able to function on it.

    BubbleGum- Hi-C stikes agian the sweetest herb i have ever tasted definatley stays in the stable.

    Trainwreck- humbolt county`s own and will sit you down a spell.

    Blueberry- never meet anyone who didnt like it happy weed that puts a smile on your face.

    NorthenLights #5 - was my favorite for a long time and will stay in my top 10 forever.

    Afganistan - several different strains of it you cant go wrong with an "afi" as we call them.

    Indigo- hard to describe but im liking it a different buzz very "spacy" high to this one.

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