GKers Top Strains.

Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by TheApprentice, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. NeonLights

    NeonLights Excommunicated

    Need to update my list.

    1 Dutch Dragon

    2 AK48

    3 White Widow

    4 White Rhino

    5 Thortons Poison

    6 Maui Waui

    7 Red Haired Skunk

    8 Christmas tree

    9 Delta Skunk

    10 Bubblicious
  2. GodWasCreated

    GodWasCreated none given

    1) Death Star (NYCDxSensi star) 2) Jack the Ripper (local Herer cross breed) 3) Dumpster (?) 4) Bubblegum 5) crow berry (local purple strain) 6) Lemon TrainWreck 7) White Widow 8) Wonder bud (if grown right) 9) blueberry 10) no name local strain I call it fruity pebbles
  3. NeonLights

    NeonLights Excommunicated

    White Rhino, White Widow, AK48, Dutch Dragon, Silver Haze
  4. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    Sounds Sweeeeeet Jimmy!!!

    JIMMYYYYYYYYY, 23% THC from an AFGAHNI???? wow, WTHell did ya get that Jimmy, WoW, or how did a get that Info On the THC Production, or ya just meaning it's HIGHLY HIGHLY THC Covered!?!?!? :ponder:

    In Any ase Ive got Some PHENOMINAL WR (White Rhino) that's Kicking ASS :smokin: :) :sign13: in PRODUTION and SHEER POTENCY, So god damned NAROTICALL WASTED to the chair/couch W/e, it DONT matter with this strain RHINO, as it WICKEDLY POTENTLY STRONG as hell!:sign13: :bigok: FROM GEEHOUSE SEEDS TOO eh!!!! hehehe :wink: :pimp: :potleaf from GHS, et Aothet Cannabis up Wining Team 3 wins, Bubble HAsh (ICE-OLATOR) and SUPER LEMMON HAZE and BEST COFFEE SHOP/SHOPS also (AGAIN!!!lol), well what more can ya sa to a seed co..!?!?!?!?!? lmao= RESPECT to the MAX!!! :) :smokin: :sign13: :smokin: :)

    Id LOVEEE to TRY the WRussian though....:wink: Ya get me brotha??? :wink: lol

    Hope to speak to you soon,

    Long time since last time Jimmy,

    Hope to chat soon,

    UBB............:pimp: :potleaf:
  5. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Well my favoritest ever strain is paradise Nebula.

    Its not massively strong, its isnt a couch locker (i hate that) but its not to trippy either (no fighting with onesself in your own head!). Its just puts you in a nice citrus place with a silly smile on your face. mmmmmmmmm bongs!

    CIVILIZED "SAMSON.... Momma fell"

    I would say my Favorite Strain that I ever Grew was "HASHPLANT"...It was very fast flowering, big yielding and really killed the Pain.....

    Right now though I gotta say that these "Purple Kush" plants I am about ready to chop are pretty cool. They were not fussy...Looked Awesome...and the pre-mature I have already tried has me jaw dropped...If there is a bandwagon for this stuff, I wont lie I am kinda on it..

    I have grown all kinds of stuff..the funny thing is the "Best" weed I ever smoked...I never knew the name of it...I bet a lot of us have been somewhere at sometime and smoked some stuff that just gave you a chubby...yet you'll never know what strain it was...

    For Outdoor I wanted to give a shout out to variety that really lived up to it's word. I currently do not have a good place for outdoor (Which is breaking my heart)..but also the Fall Weather can be very Damp and little pure uncut sunlight. Last year when I did a crop outside. It was a variety of quality seeds I found in my mailbox?....The best plants ended up being "Hollands Hope"...Not only did it rock in a crappy climate (As was Advertised). but beat out my Lemon Skunk/The Cheese/Bubblegum (got moldy). In a 75 degree and direct sunlight all day area I don't think that would be the case but never-the-less That Hollands hope was a huge SHOCK for a random outdoor seed pick.

    If you live in Fog try it!!


  7. HappyHappyHighGuy

    HappyHappyHighGuy dreamer and misfit

    My favs have changed in the past 2 years...



    Super Silver Haze (GHS)

    Joc Horror (Nirvana)

    Great White Shark (GHS)

    Hawaiian Snow (GHS)

    Thai Haze x Skunk #1 (Sam the Skunkman)
  8. Dixie Hicky

    Dixie Hicky Excommunicated

    LOL! Finally some strains Ive smoked! You must be an Original Hippy like me! ah...the good ol daze...

  9. sumadinac

    sumadinac Germinated

    my list is :

    #1 True BlueBerry / DJ Short

    #2 BlueChem / Marshall Seeds

    #3 Shpela / unknown*gift

    #4 Sweet Tooth #3 / Spice of Life

    #5 S.A.G.E 'n' Sour / TH seeds

    #6 Lemon Skunk / Ingemar's

    #7 Amnesia G13 / Marshall Seeds

    #8 G13 Hash Plant / Mr.Nice

    #9 (Life Saver x AK47) x Double Sour Diesel V2) / unknown*gift

    #10 Romulan Diesel / Legend seeds
  10. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    All time favorite is ak47. Hate waiting for it to finnish but I love the smoke.

    Rockstar was cool cause it went purple.

  11. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    new entry @number one = UK CHEESE!!! IT IS THE DOGS BOLLOXS,G FAM WILL TESTIFY...

    agreed gg,in fct it was already in my top list but iv toked a lot mor since then and straight into the list at numbers between 1 and 5 gotta go the clone only strain UK CHEESE and CHEMDAWG:rocker:...just had to mention them cos been tokin them and lovin them....has anyone actually tried this SEX strain yet,its meant to be thee most potent for thc and resin out of any strain and the price seems to back that up but only in canda iv sen it fo sale?

    I still say pot of gold from TFD sees is up there,i got 11 seeds,no males,sorry one male which i wanted anyways for breding and cross strains,etc...cant go wrong with the POG,soooooo sticky and resinous its unreal and dank ass bushy plant,just click 2my gk garden" to see it grow from seed till harvest,i had a jungle of hat shit growing back in 07 befoe i had to stop osting my grows due to arseholes in my real life who knew hen my harvests were ready by reding my threads on GK,my own fault for telling p bout howmuch GK rocks:rocker:

    I also hear alaskan thunderfuck aka matanuska tundra is a good strain?At the moment i NEED some americano RKS for my breeding plans,i have some c99 on its way to me and some other 'gifts' from strangers i meet on yahoo:wink:Peace:potleaf:

    UK CHEESE IS SUBLIME,IT REALLY IS WORTH THE MONEY FOR GUARENTEED FEMALE CLONES FROM THE EXODUS CUT WHICH HAS BEEN GOING STRONG FOR 20YEARS,IV NOW HAD MINES VERIFIED,IT IS UK CHEESE AND FURTHR MORE THERES AT LEAST 4 OR 5 OTHER gkers with it but they dont wanna say,lol:razz: Share the wealth guys:bigok: Thats just a mantra,not a hint to trade which is not allowed on this educational forum:eusa_naughty:.Peace:potleaf::jj:
  12. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"


    Well, now this thread has me PUMPED UP for my second grow! I see quite a few of the seeds i have on peoples' lists, and that, my friends, is a WONDERFUL THING!

    Does anyone know, or have an educated guess, on what strain(s) is/are used when producing most brick weed? Just curious... got a run on that stuff lately, and this go round, it isn't half bad at all!

    i also wish i knew what the heck i just grew in my first grow... i mean, some of these are knockin my socks off- literally!

    Peace, and happy taste-testing!

  13. Gratitude

    Gratitude Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    Right now...

    Top 4

    Super Silver Haze - I've had it once from California and from 3 different sources in Amsterdam - Can't get that grin off your face:thumbsup:

    Jack Herrer - 2 different sources in Amsterdam - Uplifting defined. Like I was being pulled by marionette strings.

    Sensi Star - "From California" - is a phrase we here a lot in WA. This stuff was great - very much in the body but not heavy...no too heavy any way.

    Purple Kush - "From California" - these guy Do know so ppl in the Santa Cruz med scene but who knows on the authenticity. I just know I kept finding my self thinking it was time to smoke that yummy stuff again but realizing that I was still way to high to do that.

    I've grown and love

    Dutch Passion's Brainstorm (Sativa leaning pheno) - Hits in the center of the forehead. Instantly. Citrus and Spruce. Up/Head High. Really enjoyable while somehow not crossing the line of functionality.

    Nirvana's Ice - Smells great, Tastes great, grows fast and heavy. Balanced high, easy to overdo and fall victim to the couch monster. It's a tad harsh regardless of the cure. It's genetic.

    I've grown and have let go to make room...

    Nirvana's Bubblelicious - The pheno I got wasn't that special, grew well...just not as good as the Ice on any front so the choice was clear.

    Greenhouse Cheese - Smells good, Tastes good, unremarkable high - nothing like Cheese

    Dutch Passion's Euforia (I'd LOVE to see this outdoors...Yields are Great)

    I had a WWxSSH in 1st thing Amsterdam that went on for ever! It's just that it was so racy at the start that is turned my girl off to weed the rest of the trip...I did get her to try the Cheese though...too bad the plant I grew from the seeds I bought was nothing like the weed they were selling at the Greenhouse shop. The Cheese they had was really smelly/tasty but not very potent. The NYCD I had over there was as exquisite in smell and flavor as the Cheese but every time I had the NYCD I HAD (not optional) to take a nap.

    Great strain but I don't want to have to sleep unless it's the bed-time bowl.


    P.S. this started out as a quick list...then I started reminiscing...:laughing1:
  14. Budweiser 3

    Budweiser 3 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    my top 10

    Grandaddy purple, platinum Kush,Green Krack,Blue Krack,,OG kush ,Pure Kush, Headband, buba kush, pure SD, and purple SD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best a the best:bong2:
  15. dowork123

    dowork123 Delaying gratification!

    Here is my list....all were grown unless otherwise stated.

    1. AK 47

    2. Sweet tooth

    3. NYC diesel (smoked only)

    4. Black domina

    5. Blue mystic

    6. Super silver haze (smoked only)

    7. Bubble gum (smoked only)

    I have smoked and grown more but these are the only strains worth listing in my opinion!
  16. major

    major Begun Flowering

    my top 3

    1 bagseed

    2 bagseed

    3 the bag

    I've ordered from Nirvana's some real seeds with cash in mail method (because my fucking credit cards doesn't work on that site) but nothing received for almost 2 months, maybe fucking romanian postal service fucked me, sorry for bad language but I am fucking angry now
  17. Budweiser 3

    Budweiser 3 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    SOMA seeds

    try soma seeds ..there in america..nn the "ROCKBUD" is fenominal... this is a fact!!!!..wouldnt BS u Brother:passit: Bud3
  18. troutman1

    troutman1 Germinated

    top shelf

    I'm all for rating out top 10. I've been all over and smoked some great pure strains and some stuff in Thailand that caused me to time travel for about 6 hours (i still don't know what happened to those hours). I retired in Nov. So on with the show.

  19. troutman1

    troutman1 Germinated


    1-Thia stick-Bangkok

    2-Puna bud--big island

    3-Baggio bud-Philippines

    4-Purple--Northern Cal


    6-master kush--own


    8-Colombian Gold--(real old school) California I was there when it got off the plane

    9-Power plant--own

    10-AK47--Vancouver, WA:fly:
  20. Toker2

    Toker2 Looking at a hot ass

    Damn you to hell man.......lol

    Been looking at that one ......now you made me gotta have it

    WW crossed with Haze? Interesting:passit:

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