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Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by TheApprentice, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    New in at number 1...

    Im gonna copy HHHG and do an update cos i KNOW that iv got strains that iv either tried or smoked a lot more that will enter the chart or move up a few rankings so here it is:thumbsup:

    My old list...

    My 2010 list and new in at number one with a bang is...

  2. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    You are wrong. LOL It didnt mutate. It was just a what some call a "sport" pheno. Basically, an odd ball pheno with exceptional traits. No mutation involved. But yes it is from 1989 Sensi Super Skunk seed.
  3. RH!

    RH! Developed Alternating Nodes


    That sport pheno thing is interesting. I was just pondering this the other day about how many strains out there are "sport pheno's" of something else, just like that uk cheese being a pheno of 1989 Sensi Super Skunk. There should be a sticky or something of "sport pheno's" under a carnoisseure section or something.

    These strain things get confusing after a while :smokin:.
  4. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Tis a great strain...

    LOL... aye i KNEW i was wrong i just couldnt remember in detail the exact explanation you gave me a while back hence the reference.Cheers for the real reason:ebert:

    RH1:thumbsup: If there is ANY subject for ANY section of the forum that you feel is worthy of a sticky in said forum,then go ahead and make the thread if you want and submit it into the 'members submissions' section where it will be viewed and voted by the mods whether theres enough in it to make a sticky.Id be interested in a thread like that for sure:thumbsup:peace:potleaf:
  5. Toker2

    Toker2 Looking at a hot ass

    El monstre F2

    flowers quick

    strong as hell

    covered in crystals

    branchy bitch that clones well

    Tastes like grapes/fruit

    re vegs quick

    Oh and Its FREE

    a newb perspective of course:passit:
  6. RH!

    RH! Developed Alternating Nodes

    Apprentice- excellent, will do as soon as I get back to my comp. I think a thread like that would be usefull because there is too many names out there when its just a diff. Pheno of X plant. No pun intended for people that will think that I'm hating but I'm not. I would just like to see things more simplified as too educating people of where it derived from. The more education on marijuana plants the better in my book.

    T2- That El Monstre strain sounds tasty. I feel like kicking my self for asking to substitute it for New Blue Diesel. Damnit Jim lol.....................
  7. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    You'll get it noticed in members submissions. Id stick it in here in a flash...

    Definetly RH!:icon_thumleft: You'll notice iv got my fair share of 'stickies' in a few sections of the GK forum.These were 'stuck' prior to me becoming a mod. Herb made the members submissions forum for this very reason.It seemed to have stalled a bit but im hoping if you and others start submitting new stuff worthy then maybe we wil get some new decor in the shape of sticky threads round the forum,lol. The strain subforums were actually something id actually asked the guys the consensus on it and then they set it up and let me run with it,iv made most of the stickies so im sure if it was a well constructed and informative threads then the modsquad would be happy to let me throw it up for prosperity:ebert:

    For what its worth this topic you wanna cover falls into the strains section but id consider it an advanced topic of strains.It would get my vote anyways,just keep on point and remember it could potentially be a sitcky for a long time so pack it full of easy to understand and relibale info and history.Im quite excited to read it and check it out.Peace:jj:
  8. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Going to stick my neck out here.....

    I dont think all the strain (names as you called them) are "sport phenos". A sport pheno comes from a seed. Therefore it has to have parents and is therefore a strain.

    If you stablised a sports pheno, you would have a new strain.

    Phenos are variations within a strain.
  9. virago420

    virago420 Excommunicated

    I might not be understanding this fully myself. Such as UK Cheese, actually a Sensi Super Skunk, but apparently with enough great attributes someone decided to rename this one pheno as a new strain?!? No breeding involved? That can get confusing. Each strain has a prized pheno, but I dont see everyone renaming that pheno to make a new strain, that would be MADNESS. BUT, if that one prized pheno was made a clone only 'strain' I guess I could understand it, kinda. BTW, my prized AK48 clone is now named 'Suicide' available in stores near you soon! :rofl:

    Yeah still dont like it. Its still AK48 no matter what I might name it. Maybe I just havent found that KILLER pheno worth considering doing something like that with heh
  10. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Thats just it. How you going to sell me suicide? Its a pheno of AK48. Its clone only. You can not make seeds. (maybe fem seeds, but i dont know about that :confused: )

    As for the UK Cheese, thats clone only too. The rough story is...

    We used to have some hippies in the UK called the Exoduse Project. They lived on a disused farm totally off grid or something. Someone gave them some sensie seeds and one turned out to be really good. UK Cheese was born! Clone only or urban myth lol :rofl:
  11. virago420

    virago420 Excommunicated

    Edit: Sorry was some bad humor, But yeah, it does make it difficult to trace strain lineage doesnt it?
  12. allsmilez

    allsmilez snow bunny

    that's the whole point tho, is it not? ;) the whole point of breeding back is to find and maximize those desired traits... if you breed 2 AK 48, youdo NOT get the same AK48 that you would clone from your mommy ...... that's the beauty of genetics.....taking chances ;)

    sorry i'm stioned and blabbering lmao ;)
  13. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Yes thats the point. If you breed two AK48's together the resulting seeds will not produce indentical plants. The more stable the parent strain the more similar the resulting offspring, but they will not be identical.

    Plus the other thing is that something like UK cheese is a female plant. There is no father that can be traced. If you dont know the father then you can not reproduce it.

    UK Cheese, Chem Dog all them clone onlys are just one off great phenos that can not be reproduced. Hence clone only.

    Well that as far as my stoned brain understands it.

    To get a new strain you have to breed. You have to be able to say this mother x this father = New Strain.
  14. Toker2

    Toker2 Looking at a hot ass


    i had to abort a killing kush and............a new blue d grow

    Please please keep me informed as I am still thinking of re gaining those strains......

    oh ya el monstre re-vegges great--in warm temps she reeks

    oh man thanks for letting me know i can do that

    I will ask for the nbd and the kk as free bees on my killing fields and sannies jack order
  15. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    A "sport" pheno is really just a unique pheno. A clone only is not necesarilly a "sport".

    How many Super Skunk seeds you think Sensi sold in 1989? A LOT.

    How many "UK CHeese" came out of those packs? 1 (that is known anyway). It is possible this pheno was found and discarded by numerous people, but only the Exodus house crew kept it.

    Yes it is Super Skunk. It's parents are Sensi Super Skunk from 1989. This brings up an interesting question, why isn't it just called Super Skunk? The answer is, because it's so different and unique from any other SS pheno, it got a nickname. It is impossible to produce "UK CHeese" in seed form. Since it is a rare pheno and female. You can make S1's, but they wont be identical, and in fact can have great variation since genetically speaking, they are similar to F2's. You can outcross, which is what Big Buddha did. Their Cheese is UK CHeese x Afghan. IMO they should have renamed their cross. Or, at least backcrossed bhack to the original mother clone 3x-4x to bring out more of the original UK CHeese clone genetic. GHS Cheese are s1's of BB's UK CHeese x Afghan cross. Not true cheese. I will link an interesting video on the cheese. According to the vid and the pics it shows, the real UK CHeese died back in '89. It was never cloned, therefore the exodus cheese cut is fake, making BB's cheese cross fake, which would also make GHS cheese cross fake.

    Take this for what you will. At the very least, an awesome pic of a unique plant is in there. Think about what I defined a "sport" pheno as when you watch....


    Chemdawg is CHemdawg because no-one knows its genetic background. It was bagseed, and the finders named it that. Simple.

    OG Kush.. lots of stories going around about that.

    Hope that helps...
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  16. virago420

    virago420 Excommunicated

    Good lord man! Thanks for the info Use and the link. That plant actually gave me chills! I bet the original was amazing! Cheers Useless
  17. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    I couldn't agree more with that video!
  18. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Im lovin this discussion topic...

    Great post and link Useless:thumbsup: Its worth pointing out that there is STILL a remnant of the exodus project crew STILL growing in the chiltern hills outside Luton. My brother and a lot of my family live in Milton Keynes and Bedford which is on Lutons doorstep and the 'UK CHEESE' clone i bought by proxy via my brother was from a hanger on of the exodus guys. Either that or he was a relation or friend of them guys cos he knew way too much about them and how they did shit and where,etc. As for the clone,well its disputable if it was real of not. It smoked well but iv heard all sorts of stories that it was Blue cheese x cheese by Big Buddha.

    This all ties in with what Useless just posted. My bro had been searching for UK CHEESE on my behalf for a long time through guys we know down that way.Eventaully when he met a 'legit' guy with exodus connections he bought clones of what was assured as UK CHEESE but not long afterwards we started hearing stories that UK CHEESE was a G-13 type myth and that no true clone really existed. Apparently some guys who knew or knew of the original exodus growers,had decided to try cash in on the 'fame' by trying to recreate the original UK CHEESE strain by growing Super Skunk with similar methods and shit but obviously it aint gonna be UK CHEESE,lol.

    So apparently according to who you believe,the strain we got given clones of was either a SUPER SKUNK S1 pheno that had SOME of the same characteristics as the OG UKC.... or we quite simply got sold some Big Buddha blue cheese or cheese. Im inclined to believe the latter but either way,it was good weed and yes maybe the price paid for the clones was higher than it costs to simply buy BB's cheese but the point is the pheno the clones came from was a good one and to know for a fact thats what we were getting was worth it alone. I wasnt there when the clones got bought or to meet the guy originally but my brother aint dumb or naive,he might not know as much about growing as some people but the "exodus" guy seemed credible based on what id told my brother about them. Iv smoked BB's cheese a few times and its a decent strain in my opinion.

    As for the thing of naming a strain thats already known.I grew a strain one time from bagseed,i was assured it was a blueberry x purple haze strain but unless i know for sure then i aint gonna call it that so i simply grew it and named it PURPLE THISTLE.It was purple bud and an amazing stone,it was #3 on my list of all time fav weed till recently. If actually got a couple of pictures of the Purp Thistle in my gallery to view.It was a grow i did about 4 or 5 years ago now i think.Peace:potleaf:
  19. weedlover714

    weedlover714 Germinating

    niiiiice. love the list. Have you seen the list on Nugporn? It's pretty sweet as well.
  20. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    Hey GK!

    I smoked a strain with a good friend yesterday that was called "Crack" or "Krack" not sure of the spelling... I have never heard of it, and they bartered for it, so it wasn't grown by them... Anyone heard of or know where i could get more of this strain??? Seeds??? It was DELISH, with an awesome stone to boot! Super stone- both heady and body high- but I was completely functional! Loved it!



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