Great White Shark, GHS, 400W HPS, soil round two!

Discussion in 'The Growkind Gallery' started by Your Own Mind, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    i can't believe how big those girls are already! HC is right- you sure are going to have a bountiful harvest YOM! :shocked:

    I personally like the pics you're takin with the flash better- they seem clearer too. Just my coin on the matter, since you asked...

    So you think you'll have them flower another 3 to 4 weeks? So 8-9 wks total, right? You've inspired me with these planties. I'm gonna have to make Great White Shark my next order purchase....:wink:

    Continued Success (and NO MOLD!!!)

  2. Your Own Mind

    Your Own Mind Full Flowering

    Guess what ive got.....

    Mold :(

    I had to do a little operation the other day. I caught it early so lets hope it doesnt spread!
  3. Your Own Mind

    Your Own Mind Full Flowering

    Today hot 7 weeks and its time they come down. 12 days of flush and they were at there ends!

    Mold has been a big issue. The buds are just too damn dense and they cover themselves in trich so thick it seems to encourage mold. I had to cut 4 buds in half when i noticed mold over the last 2 weeks (so the flat topped buds in the pics are due to this). 2 dry oz of bud has been removed already due to mold.

    Here they are.


    and the side as you cant really see from the front


    Bud Shot!



    Cola pics. These forst two are from the two plants effected by mold. Ive only kept the intact buds whole. The ones i cut in half where cut up just incase to dry out quicker.



    Now this one is more like it. No mold so all intact ;)


    Well GWS is a 50/50 for me. I love it and hate it. It gets moldy! It hermies slightly (found a few male flowers during trimming. No seeds though). Its touchy with nutes. Not the easiest to grow.

    Its resin production is huge though. The biggest ive ever seen. The buds and leaves feel furry the triches are so thick and dense. I still cant get it off my hands! It very potent!

    Ive got 3 more ready and trained to go in the flowering chamber but i think ill drop it after that round. Ive germed a fem Church seed and ive got a female Mazar I Sharif in flower now that im going to clone. So im not sure. I could have 1 GWS, 1 Church and 1 Mazar or 2 Mazar. What you lot think? :icon_scratch:
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  4. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Solid looking buds there YOM. I'd give it another round or two now that you know the strain. Might get even better results, especially if you like the smoke.

  5. Your Own Mind

    Your Own Mind Full Flowering

    271g full dried. 9.5 oz with all the probs isnt too bad ;)
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  6. choker

    choker HIDING OUT

    3 plants 9.5 oz

    Thats cool.
  7. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Nice numbers on 3 plants.:thumbsup:
  8. canadian123

    canadian123 hemp ninja

    excellent show! nice harvest congrats :thumbsup:
  9. Your Own Mind

    Your Own Mind Full Flowering

    Thanks for the comments :thumbsup:

    0.68 g/watt. I know i can increase that if i had a bigger area! Im stuck in a 2 by 2 cupboard. Im sure 1.2 g/watt is possible. I need a tent lol ;)

    Round 3 is in. After that things are changing again lol
  10. HappyHappyHighGuy

    HappyHappyHighGuy dreamer and misfit

    Pretty ladies

    7 weeks??? What color were the trichs? Mine goes to 10 weeks for a knockout stone.
  11. Your Own Mind

    Your Own Mind Full Flowering

    They were all cloudy. I couldnt take it any further. The mould would have destroyed the whole crop.

    lol I would like to take them 10 weeks but i dont think my pheno could take it. The plant devours itself from the 3rd or 4th week and its very sensitive to the nutes so there is nothing i could do!

    The stone is slightly clearer than the last round, probably due to the earlier cut. Its still very potent though, just doesnt make me as tirered in the long run.

    After this current round i have in the strain is changing.

    1 Church (ive been assured by Franco its mould resistant, we'll see)

    2 Mazar I Sharif's (freebie seedboutique seeds)

    Ive also been given a G13xSkunk by crooked, who in turn got it from another friend. Im waiting to sex it, but i have doubts about the strain. Its only a seedling but its tall with skinny leaves. Not very indica at all. Still a free new strain though :)
  12. HappyHappyHighGuy

    HappyHappyHighGuy dreamer and misfit

    I only have 1 gws mom that I clone from so I'm not familiar with other phenos. 10 weeks seems like a long time for an indica dominant but that's what she likes.

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