Green Crack - Outdoor 2011

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    My 2001 outdoor grow thread can be found here:

    #1-Strain: Green Crack

    #2-Appearance: 7 - Plant lacks complete trichome development due to premature harvest.

    #3-Taste: 9

    #4-Aroma:10 - Smelled like rotten garbage mixed with rotten fruit while growing. After a six week cure it now smells like pink bubblegum.

    #5-High/Stone type: 8 - Good mellow buzz but the high doesn't seem to last more than an hour, hour and a half tops.

    #6-Source: Dispensary clone.

    #7-Price: $12.00 for one clone.

    #8-Potency: 8

    #9-Overall Rating: 8

    #10-Overall Description: When grown outdoors this strain will have a tendency to grow into a short bush. It starts flowering outdoors at 38 degrees north around the first week of august. The plant did not exhibit any nutrient deficiencies. Plant smelled like rotting garbage mixed with rotting fruit while it was budding. After a six week cure it now smells like pink bubblegum.

    #11-Would you Recommend: Yes

    Green Crack, first plant on the left - 09/18/11


    Green Crack at 6 week cure

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  2. teamster6

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    Very Nice Actually I looked at all three of them congrats

  3. ResinRubber

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    All three reports are nice additions MG. The garden pics of each plant give a neat profile addition.
  4. Bigbud214

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    Very nice report MG. I've always wanted to try a true green crack.
  5. Boa

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    looks real nice. I love outdoor grows!
  6. Midnight Garden

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    Did you ever grow any outdoors this year? I am asking because I saw that you started an outdoor thread but did not say if you ended up planting outside.

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