Green eggs and HAm

Discussion in 'The 'Kind Kitchen' started by skunky, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    A quick one for any of you lazy midnight raiding stoners out there. It is basically just an ommlete with cannabutter ham and a good amount of cheese which you can probably decide on yourself.

    the way i ussually do it is i make super concentrated cannabutter.
    Get small fryig pan and spary it down with some pam, use 3 eggs, 2tsp of butter, three slices of ham lunch meat, a hand full fiesta style shredded cheese. Mix that all up then add about 1/4 cup of milk to the mix put the lid on the pan, check on it when the sides are starting to look cooked, not brown but cooked flip that bitch cook a little longer and then end product is a pretty crazy slight green ommlete. Pretty good shit though, hell im picky so i beat some of you guys could modify this to better suit your taste by adding some new things to the mix.
  2. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Sounds good.

    I kept thinking chilies!

    Maybe just a mild one...
  3. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Maybe some red and yellow bell?:punk:

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