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Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by greenkitty, Jan 31, 2007.

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    Well the Greenkitty and family are back home again after about ten days of being away. I have never been through anything like this. Our home had to be sanitized from top to bottom and inside to out. The walls had to be washed down. The air ducts cleaned and treated. Carpets and every piece of furniture including beds had to be cleaned. Every stich of clothes and bedding and towels and anything with fiber had to be washed. I bet i have the cleanest house in the country. All to the tune of about $8,000.oo and our home owners Ins wouldn't pay a dime of it. Not one dime. I have a very clean and well insulated home but damn. Really took it on the chin on this one. My ins. company said that if i had ever had a water claim under the house it would have covered it but since i never had it's all yours. We are all so drop dead tired it's unreal. Poor Miss kitty has to return to work today. Don't know how she does it. All of this work and she is facing carpul tunnel surgery. God she is a good woman.
    Some positives did come out of this. While we had the house emptied out we went through all of our stuff and got rid of things that we no longer used. Put in pantry selves and closet orgenizers and things like this that will make our lives a little easier. And the most important thing was that we found out that even through adversity that we can get through it all with out a cross word and loving each other more than ever because we know we will be there for each other through it all. Even when things are at there worst, good things can come out of it.
    We did find out one thing though, That we could not count on our daughter for anything through all of this except me-me-me. The wife and i did the whole thing our selves. All she did was take her clothes out of her closet and folded one bag of clothes. That is it. I think she just moved up her move out date. See, some good things can come out of a disaster. GK
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    what a nightmere!

    how can you prevent this again?

    Oh and I'd change insurance companies

    LOL on the moving date....
  3. Mr Douglas

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    It's apparent that you two have a SOLID marriage loaded with DEVOTION.

    Wow, Kitty , I thought your "chillens" were younger!

  4. GeoKitty

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    I'm so happy for you guys that your finally back home!

    What an ordeal, eh?!

    Doesn't it really feel great to know that you and your wife can go through a very trying time and get through it together, supporting and loving each other as you should, and not allowing the negativity to get you both down or on each other's ass?!!!

    That is really something special!!! Hold onto that and celebrate it!!!

    As to your daughter, geez, that's too bad that she couldn't pull it together for you guys and herself! Guess she felt that this was your trial to learn and grow from, not her own! That's too bad! It's obvious that you and your wife have become better people from this experience.

    Take care my friend, and enjoy the clean house!!

    You guys deserve a mini vacation!

    Wonder if insurance covers cat pee??!!!! That's the main trials and tribulations at our house!!! Damned old cats that no longer want to know where the catbox is!!! :eusa_shifty:
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    Thanx guys and gals. Our daughters are 23 and 25. The 25 lives with us. The other goes to college in Ga. We both have been married before and feel very lucky to have found each other. We met on the internet 5 years ago and have been married 4. We both payed our dues in the first go round and realize how good we have it now. I just hope that all this mold stuff is over. GK
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    wow what a huge ordeal! I just read the first post. Well, at least the house is clean! I'm a crazy clean freak, can I move in for a while?

    but man, that really sucks.
  7. Mermaid

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    Awww happy to hear that GreenKitty...must feel GOOD to be back in your home and wow what an ordeal. That is a shame the insurance would not pay for any of it...that was alot of work too!

    Congrats to you on having such a dedicated, hardworking, loving wife to help you thru all this. Looks like you met your soulmate and it doesn't get better then that. ;)

    peace~jersey :animbong:

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