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Discussion in 'DIY' started by HappyHappyHighGuy, May 10, 2009.

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    Grow Rooms / Cabinets / Containers
    The Coleman Cannabis Cabinet
    (weedwacker) (01-03-2008)
    Mother Tubbard (mother, clone, vegging box)
    (HHHG) (10-28-2007)
    Growkind grow box
    (ilove2tokes) (04-01-2006)
    Self Contained Multi-Chamber Stealth Grow Cabinet
    (Gratitude) (10-28-2007)
    Vegging cabinet made from desk (LionLoves420) (01-03-2008)
    Grow cabinet (doobster) (04-10-2008)
    Stealth grow closet
    (Mr.Gardener) (05-07-2009)


    Hempy bucket
    (MrGreenjeans) (02-06-2008)
    Hempy overflow mod
    (InTheCedarCloset) (04-16-2009)
    Hempy DWC hybrid (InTheCedarCloset) (04-28-2009)
    Hydro DWC Kit
    (krondikebar) (04-16-2009)
    Hydro unit for less than $60.00
    (Mrgreenjeans) (10-30-2007)
    Venturi Style DWC bucket
    (Mad Scientist) (09-24-2007)
    Ebb & Flow trays
    (HappyJay) (12-11-2008)
    Combo system drip buckets
    (HappyJay) (11-01-2008)
    Ebb & Flow system
    (SMARMY ARMY) (12-05-2006)
    DWC Tub
    (SMARMY ARMY) (12-27-2006)
    Reservoir water chiller (MK Guy) (09-13-2009)
    12 site DWC veg tub (chriscrete) (01-24-2010)
    11 Site Aeroponic Tub
    (SteelCity Smoker) (07-08-2010)
    RDWC setup (lvstickybud 12-20-2011)

    Bubble Cloner Chamber
    (theCarpenter) (03-24-2009)
    Perlite cloner
    (HHHG) (03-20-2009)
    Perlite wick cloner (Jake) (12-06-2008)
    Cloning in soil
    (snickelfritz) (11-01-2006)
    Cloning in Rockwool
    (snickelfritz) (11-01-2006)
    Aeroponic Bucket cloner
    (Widowmaker) (04-22-2006)

    Germinating in soil
    (Wawona) (10-22-2006)

    Ventilation / Odor control

    Odor removal machine
    (videoman) (05-07-2007)
    Micro carbon scrubber
    (HHHG) (05-02-2009)
    Carbon scrubber
    (skunky) (09-22-2008)
    Exhaust duct installation (Nilzar) (08-29-2008)
    Bucket carbon scrubber
    (BelowMe) (09-21-2005)
    Stanley blower exhaust fan
    (trippersyx) (07-29-2009)

    Making your own High Grade Organic soil
    (Randy High) (04-12-2007)
    Soil drip setup (canadian123) (04-04-2009)

    Training / Grow methods

    LST (Low Stress Training)
    (snickelfritz) (11-11-2006)
    How to train your plants
    (Domin8rx) (08-28-2005)
    (Jungle of Green) (Mrgreenjeans) (12-16-2006)
    (circular scrog) (HHHG) (01-07-2007)

    Harvesting / drying / curing
    Stackable drying boxes (Herbsparky) (03-09-2006)
    Chest of drawers drying racks (Wawona) (09-24-2006)

    Hash press
    (HHHG) (01-28-2009)
    Silk screen & Pantyhose Kif/Kief shaker (AlienBait) (04-06-2007)
    Bubble Hash Tutorial
    (SecretGrower420) (07-06-2009)

    Cannabutter recipe (snickelfritz) (11-24-2006)
    Tincture (green dragon)
    (HHHG) (02-25-2008)
    Bhang milk recipe (link420) (09-02-2008)
    Sensimint recipe
    (HHHG) (10-25-2009)

    Grow logs
    (SMARMY ARMY) (01-19-2007)

    Coat hanger scale (Average Joe) (06-10-2009)
    Waterfall bong (theCarpenter) (10-25-2009)
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    Some one wants to get sticky?? :passit:
  3. the_red_bull

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    I wouldn't say I have a suggestion so much. I will be building an indoor room for the purposes of cloning and vegging. I still plan to flower outside but that will keep me going through winter and I'd like to show people step by step what I'm doing. If everything goes down right, I'll have two rooms that are on a dedicated circuit purpose built just for that with an experienced residential electrician and carpenter. At worst I'll get one room designed and built by myself.
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    Nice job hhhg
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    Wow! Nice compilation HHHG. Not nit-picking, but you could add a link or two for plant diagnosis tools. It would round out everything nicely. There's a couple of links at the bottom of my sig.

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to HappyHappyHighGuy again.

    Great concept and thnx,
  6. *Dutch*

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    very cool! :smile:
  7. HappyHappyHighGuy

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    Thanks everyone

    This isn't a replacement for the FAQ because there are many subjects, including plant diagnosis, that are not DIY projects.
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    yes, sticky worthy!

    Some nights I am searching and searching for things.

    HHHG Thank you. :wink: :smokin: :thumbsup:
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    Yes, sticky sticky sticky.
  10. HappyHappyHighGuy

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    It's official...

    Sticky-fied! :bongin:
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    hey newbs, check this out
  12. TheApprentice

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    If ever a post merited 'sticky' status it is this,iv recently referred to it several times in a current grow op i have going in my brothers house,iv only done soil closet grows till now but now iv got a full room and that means hydro cos my bro wants to make some dollars out his growing:rolleyes: Hes young,21 and ambitious,lol,but iv schooled him on the rules,never show a grow,etc...hes well versed and with my plants in there and the mney me and a friend have put into it we'll protect our investment and keep our cut for ourselves.My bro takes it to england to get rid of it so he isnt attracting heat anywhere near the grow which is 10 miles out in the country or so.... HHHG thank you for this thread,invaluable source of info to noobs and veteran growers alike.Iv never did hydro,always seemed to complicated but for a fulll room grow it maybe best for our objectives which is lotsa bud and as i cant be there 24/7 i want it alll hooked up so it runs itself more or less until i visit in between every other day,GREAT THREAD:thumbsup:
  13. This is the reason why I visit this site. Every time I come you guys just introduce something new. and that's really worth it. Thanks, guys.

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