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    Hello to all the members here at GK. I'm Potsitiveminds. I was a member here
    a while back going by the name of Mr. Nice Guy. I don't want you to confuse me for the other mr nice guy here cuz he's way more experienced. I posted up one grow but my plants died soon there after and didn't continue to try. Well I'm back lol. I have started to try growing again. I germinated about two weeks ago and my plants seem to be growing ok. I'm actually farther than I have ever grown before. They usually die within the first two weeks. I was using the sun light with the pot on the window. Now a flourecent light has fallen into my lap thanks to a good friend. I have transplanted the babies to the closet with the new lamp. Total 80watts. I will buy another to add a total of 160 watts. Unfortunatly I suspect a moth got to my plants before I could put them in there new home and destroyed two completly and 2 others half way. I will post up pics tomorrow so you all can see what I'm talking about. I guess my intro got kind of side tracked lol. But basically I'm glad to be pArt of this forum. I've read the forum over the last couple of years as a guest and now I hope to make great contributions like everyone else here has. I lok forward to getting great advise from you guys. Have a great day!
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    Who farted?? :ponder:

    A (belated) :welcome: to :GK: Potsitiveminds :wave:


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