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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DTRave420, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Hi all,I've been growin' my own meds for about 4 years...These meds help to sooth the aches of a 45 year old constuction worker as well as sooth my mind...I'm currently growin' an L.A Woman...

    I't's very nice to be here and I'm lookin' forward to talkin' horticulture and makin' friends...

  2. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    What Up?

  3. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    :welcome: to GK DTRave!!!

    Hope you enjoy your time here! Can't wait to see your grows too!


  4. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest


    welcome DT

  5. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    Welcome to GK-Bud
  6. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Thankyou KINDLY mrastro,Lukesmommy,teamster6,and Headcase for the warm welcome to GrowKind... :)
  7. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Welcome aboard DT....we got a few of us old heads around here. Another green thumb is always appreciated.:thumbsup:

  8. Guerilla Family

    Guerilla Family Serious Guerilla Farmer


    Welcome to Growkind, DTRAVE!


  9. CCrete

    CCrete Mr. Poopyfacepeepeehead

    Welcome home Dave!!!!!:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

    What kinda construction are you in? Im only in my 30's but I hear ya
  10. SoloFlyer1

    SoloFlyer1 Keep Smyelin

    Heya DT...how ya goin? Good to have ya aboard...welcome!


  11. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    I acually do building exterior restoration...I've been in the union for almost 22 years...If everything goes right I'll be out of this in 8 years and 8 months but who's counting,lol!!!

    Thanks chriscrete and flyingsolo1!!!
  12. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still


    From one const. worker to another, :welcome: to :GK: DT!:wave:

    BTW, that's a nice looking bud in your avatar :thumbsup:

  13. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Then you know all about those aches and pains as well I'm sure Mr Douglas...Thankyou KINDLY for the bud compliment...It's Paradise Opium...

    Pleased to meet ya man!!! :)
  14. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Thankyou CROOKEDxTIMBER!!!Very wise sig man...I like it... :)
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  15. Joe King Park

    Joe King Park Auto-Pilot Grower

    Well High There

    Long Time , DTRave420 :welcome:

    May I Just Say , In All My Years On The Web, You Have Commanded My Highest Respect .

    Your Past Contributions In Some Fantastic Threads Will Never Be Forgotton.:thumbsup:

    What A Asset To The Growkind Community

    Much Respect

  16. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Hi Pete!!!

    You are to KIND man...I've said this before and I'll say it again...I always thought it was a crime that you weren't sittin' at a desk workin' for one of the major cannabis mags...The answers to grow questions that you've given to countless individuals were always impeccable with comfort and humor that always made you stand out...Infinite RESPECT for Pete "The Answer Man"...:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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  17. Cannagirl

    Cannagirl Preheat to 420

    This is one of the kindest most gererous people I have come across. Nice to see you again! That opium was the shit.......you were the one that gave me that right? Forgive the memory, I have had trades with many...but you straight up went above and waaaaay beyond and really helped me when I was in need.

    Welcome Welcome Welcome!
  18. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Hi Cannagirl!!!Yep,that was me...The kindness I remember you showin' to animals and birds made me one of your "grow groupies" from the get-go and it was more than a pleasure to be able to Opiate ya lol,when you were still gettin' it together...Utmost RESPECT for ya,KIND lady...
  19. Joe King Park

    Joe King Park Auto-Pilot Grower

    I'm Humbled Old Chap:thumbsup:

    Two Sayings ; " It Ain't Over Til The Phat Lady Sings Legislation" , And ; You Cannot Please All Of The People All Of The Time. I Quit Effexor Cold Turkey After Being On It For Almost A Decade, And Have Finally Been Diagnosed As Being Slightly Manic.

    However That Does Not Stop Me From Writing For A Mag ( Online ) That Has Branched Out To The States In The Last Year :wink: ( My Capital Letter Style Is A Attempt To Conceal My Alter Ego :wink: )http://www.urbangardenmagazine.com

    Jus For You DTR:thumbsup:

  20. virago420

    virago420 Excommunicated

    :welcome: to Growkind DTRave420. I obviously dont know you as well as some of the others here, but you definately seem to command respect from some of the people I also share great respect for. So for that my friend welcome to the community and I'm glad to have you onboard. Ive viewed many MJ forums but NONE are as great as this place IMO. The folks on this forum have pure CLASS for sure, and are some of the nicest people you could ever meet, on or off the internet. Take care bro! Peace

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