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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DTRave420, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Totally agree with you virago,this site is top shelf...Nice to meet ya friend!!!
  2. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Good to have ya with us DTR. I feel ya on the aches of a construction worker man. I'm gonna hate to see what I feel like in 5 years when I turn 45. :icon_confused:

  3. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Yep,understood Herbsparky...One day we'll get to finally put our tools down...Wake up when we wanna,feed the pigeons,and do jobs for the inlaws once in a while,lol!!!

    Nice to meet ya man... :)
  4. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Well I may have that day at hand myself. I DO get up when I wanna, I feed my chickens, and I do odd jobs for the inlaws...so to speak. I just can't put the tools down....I have a farm to build now. :icon_confused:
  5. howlin420

    howlin420 Germinated

    Hi DTRave420:welcome: new here also. union painter with ( if they don't mess with the early out ) 2 1/2 to go. did some time union laborer till run over on the job. know how ya feel . good folks & info here. enjoy :passit: the community.

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  6. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Understood Herbsparky...

    Sendin' positive vibes and prayers that you accomplish everything you're lookin' to do...
  7. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    I hear that howlin',ouch!!!

    2 1/2 years huh???Man I'm jealous,lol!!!

    In my case it's better for me not to go out early...As I said,if I make my hours these next 8 years I'm out of this...I'd go on unemployment for 6 months at 53 years old and start collecting my pension at 54...If I didn't make my hours,the longest I'll stay is 57 years old as we're allowed to go out at that time with 85%...

    They call me a WaterProofer...To make a long story short about what I do,most of the work I've done during the last 21 years was done hanging off skyscrapers in Manhattan on suspended scaffold swing stage...

    I've had 5 knee surgeries over the years and was diagnosed with arthritic debilitation(spelling) a few years ago...If I was to get hurt right now,I'd be collecting about $5000 a month with my current pension and SS disability...

    When I finish this trade,it'll be the first time I ever really finished anything in my life...

    Good luck to ya Howlin'...Hope your remaining time on the job goes by GOD SPEED ...
  8. Joe King Park

    Joe King Park Auto-Pilot Grower

    I Was A Member Of The Painters And Allied Trades Union , Local 137:wink:

    Removing Asbestos For All You Herb Smoking Construction Workers.

    A 14 Foot Fall , Backwards Onto A Concrete Floor Ended My Career In 89

    I Loved The Construction Industry ( And Union Perks , Like 12% Vacation Pay, Live Out Pay , Etc , Etc )

    Joe Candu:laughing1:
  9. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Understood Pete...

    I myself cannot wait to get the FCK out,lol!!!I wanna be HIGH,so HIGH!!!And I wanna be FREE!!!
  10. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    I was a member of the IBEW for 16 years myself. I made a choice to get out while I still had my health, based on the advice of MANY old timers still in the trade. When I found out that the average retiree lived only 5 years past their retirement...I knew I had to change paths. I was working my life away for a few good years at the end (not guaranteed) and decided I would rather live my life in a way that brought me 'good years' now. That's the best guarantee I could find to truly be happy. The Union had many benefits for me, but it had a lot of downfalls to go with it. In my case the bad outweighed the good and I stepped away. I miss the $$$ I once had, but I'm far happier doing what I do now. :ebert:
  11. Budweiser 3

    Budweiser 3 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    welcome DT!

    yipper..i hear ya "hand" ...on the construction side:icon_scratch: been journeyman Pipefitter fer10 yrs 15yrs of chemichal plant work boilermaker...my dr put me on the "DL"...i had no say in the matter...really sucks actually i goin crazy not being on my tools....guess i trade'm fer oxygen bottles:rofl: ......againh welcome too the "GK" family:smile: Budweiser 3
  12. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Veggy Stage

    Understood fellas...I'm cappin' my 22nd vested year shortly and that's not including accrued years...I've been exposed to so much shite you'd FKN cry...Clouds of masonry dust from chopsaws,mini grinders,etc have been a part of my life for so long I can't remember anything else...I also worked 2 blocks from ground zero less than a week after 9/11 and stayed there until Feb 02...Got layed off and went back to work at the same building in the spring...During my first month on that job,my lungs were on fire like nothing I've ever experienced to this day...Trucks would drive by and you could smell death...Downtown was a ghost town...Even bus drivers were wearin' dustmasks...

    I don't know exactly what I'm tryin' to say except that I'm still here movin' with the moves and very jealous of you guys that are collectin',lol!!!I'll get there as well...

    Much RESPECT for ya...

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