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  1. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    New guy here. I have been lurking for a few weeks and about read everything, trying to soak it all in. That will take some more time, haha.

    Im experimenting with my 1st grow right now. I have 4 plants that are about a week old. Im using 4 26w CFL's 6500K and 2 18in Fluro tubes all crammed right ontop of them with a fan. Some middie badseeds, no nutes and some organic miracle grow dirt. LOL.

    Love the place, can't wait to learn more and see how these plants grow.
  2. rollin2techno

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    Hello and welcome. Keep reading the FAQ and if you have questions, do a search for similar topics. Or you can ask them here. How many 26w CFL's do you have? What size is your grow space?
  3. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    4 26w i have the pots on the top shelf of my closet. They have about 5 feet to the ceiling.
  4. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    2 pics

    pot 013.JPG

    pot 012.JPG


  5. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still


    :welcome: to :GK: Nat :wave:


    Be a sponge, and soak it all up, and you'll be smoking your own in no time! :redbong:


  6. major

    major Begun Flowering

    it always starts like that, :good job:

    don't hesitate to ask,

    first search the threads for your answer so you will not to disturb us with easy questions since we are the gurus of the mj world
  7. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    Welcome aboard. Good folks here and a lot of experience to benefit from.

  8. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Thanks guys :)

    2 plants fell over today which i was expecting to happen. The first 3 days after germination i didn't have any lights and they had all stem growth stretching for light. 2 days with all the CFL's and the leaf's got too heavy. Few plants left and they are really going good now with the extra lights. Leaves are popping out everywhere, im very excited to be finally getting them to grow leaves and not just stem.

    Im going to germinate another batch and get a few good plants going to try again with my new found knowledge.
  9. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Ok, Quick update. Now that i have figured out how to get growth, i added a few inches of soil to my best 3 plants and watered today and they are doing great i think. I might just be able to save these afterall.

    pot3 001.JPG

    pot3 002.JPG


  10. Glitterpixiee

    Glitterpixiee Veggy Stage

    Yay!!! Wishin ya good luck!!!
  11. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    I have a question. Lowe's sells outdoor lighting fixtures. They have a 70w HPS fixture and a 100w Metal Halide fixture. Which of these will give best growth ? I might get two and get rid of the CFL's.

    Also i moved one plant outside today because of space. I just don't have room for it so i'll see what happens.
  12. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Aren't those Lowes security lights like $40-$50 each? For the money you can pick up a decent 400w HID online with a basic reflector and be done with it.

    Just my 2 pence, cheers,
  13. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Cheers I will order a SunSystem 150w HPS setup soon. I need a better grow solution then a shelf in a closet, so.. I bought a cabinet to dedicate to my new found hobby instead of lights. Lights will come next. This should be plenty big enough for some basic grows even if i have to go 1 female at a time.

    Still working on it, light proofing it, have to add lights. Invested in a PH kit and some NUTES today also. I wanna step up my game a little and grow a decent plant even though im just starting.



  14. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Look at em go ! Gave them a more full light spectrum from 2500K up to 7500K mostly 6500k. Soil's drying out pretty good, prob wait another day to water. I also started giving them some rest at night for about 7 hours, hasn't seemed to affect anything.

    pot9 1.JPG

    pot9 2.JPG


  15. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    They are loosing their baby leaves now. They shriveled up and turned yellow. So did a few of the bottom leaves on one plant. Ill show you in a pic. It's also the runt. The other plant is double it's size now and they are the same age with the same soil and water. Watering schedule is different, obviously the bigger plants pot is drying out a little faster. No nutes yet.

    pot15 003.JPG

    pot15 004.JPG

    pot15 001.JPG



  16. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

    Looks like it's about time to start feeding them. Start light and progressively increase the nute strength as they grow a little more. They are looking good though! :good job:
  17. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    I have not added any nutes yet they don't seem to be asking for it ? Im starting to think i need to flip to 12/12 and force them into showing me sex ? I have enough room for them to double in height but not really triple in the stretch. Here's a pic, look at them go..

    pot21 02.JPG

  18. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    Welcome to GK-Bud
  19. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Thanks. The plant that has had vigorous growth since the start is now 14inches and the fan leaf sets are up to 11 leaves on top. I installed a Brinks timer and set them up for 12/12 so they get their first 12 hours of dark starting at 7. They are atleast 21days old and i don't know sex yet so we shall see. Here's a pic.

    pot22 002.JPG

  20. SidVicious

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