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    Could be a lot of things, meaning 3 :roll:

    evaporation is directly related to temperature and airflow, and indirectly related to relative humidity. I'd hang your devils lettuce out of the light, light degrades quality IMO. Rather than putting it in a jar, try putting it in a paper bag first, if it moistens up in a paper bag it's too wet to put in a jar, even though it feels crispy.

    I usually end up going back and forth from paper bag to jars, feebly trying to maintain the proper humidity. One of my old bosses grew catnip "AlaskaThunderStruck" they're whole attic was a drying room we set up to maintain 90f and 50%RH. I know catnip is not the same thing but drying herbs is drying herbs to some degree.

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    35 % humidity is pretty low. I try to keep my drying area at 50 to 60%. Goblin is right about the light, it degrades the quality. Often with low humidity the outer leaves will dry very quickly giving a crispy feel but there'll still be moisture on the interior of the buds. The bags sound like a pretty good idea. A dark fairly cool area with medium humidity and a little air movement works best for me. Gook luck and welcome!!!
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