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    Well....now that summer is over and the outdoor grow is done, I'm dropping back on my indoor setup and getting it ready for this next season starting Jan 1st. I needed to improve on things so I made a false front for the grow space using an old blackout curtain. Makes taking the front panel off really easy since it's so light. All I have left to do now is get my air intake setup installed. That requires a trip to the hardware store for parts I don't have on hand. The rest I built from scrap I had laying around.

    GrowSpaceBuild 002.jpg

    GrowSpaceBuild 003.jpg

    GrowSpaceBuild 005.jpg

    GrowSpaceBuild 006.jpg

    GrowSpaceBuild 012.jpg

    GrowSpaceBuild 011.jpg
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    Had a bit of an issue with parts since the ONLY hardware store in town carries very little if anything of what I need...generally. In the end I prevailed except I had one friggin part that didn't match. Had to make due. When they re-stock I'll get the right part and fix it.

    Other than that I'm pretty happy. I used scrap just laying around the house to do the build so other than PVC parts I had zero $$$ invested in the upgrade. Tonight I will go inside the grow-space and have my wife close me in to test the intake. I was shooting for a LOT of turbulence down at the mid-container level so we'll see how it does. I didn't glue anything so all elbows can be turned to suit my needs.

    IndoorGrowSpace12 10 18 001.jpg

    IndoorGrowSpace12 10 18 002.jpg

    IndoorGrowSpace12 10 18 006.jpg

    IndoorGrowSpace12 10 18 003.jpg

    IndoorGrowSpace12 10 18 010.jpg

    IndoorGrowSpace12 10 18.jpg
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