Here is a one stop shop for all of your seed needs...

Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by Mr. Wakenbake, Sep 11, 2006.

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    Duh...... Try
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    I just checked

    You guys got to use your noggins a little when deciding who to buy from. First they claim "Our cannabis seeds come direct from source from our own Dutch

    (award winning) breeder."

    Then list virtually every popular strain there is.

    There is no one breeder anywhere in the world that can keep a stable to produce all those strains. If it's to good to be true...... then it probably is. These guys survive because people think they're gonna get something for nothing (or very little) or because they make outrageous claims on production.

    There's a reason we are always pointing people in a few good directions for seeds and it's NOT because we like to pay's because we don't like to get ripped off. Live and learn guys, live and learn.
  3. 420hydro

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    Herbie's Head Shop

    My friend in Alabama has ordered 3 times from Herbie's Head Shop in UK. Competitive prices, fast shipping, fresh stock, and great customer service.

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    ...and you're not affiliated with them? lol
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    Hay man thanks for the list!! I've been ordering seed from this one place in the UK, the first time half the seeds I orderd didnt sprout, even in rock wool...The second time I orderd feminized seed and got regular seed,not very happy...but most of them did germanate and are doing very well.

    I will search some of these sites thanks. Will have pics soon.....

    Fletch :smokin:
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    Welcome Fletch! I am glad you found this information useful! Don't forget to introduce yourself in the intro forum and let us know what you are all about! Look forward to see what you got going on!

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    I think the era of forum hate (should BE at least) be gone. Knowledge is power, no matter if it is from us or others.
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    Just an FYI for ya, don't use the site. I bought some from them cause they were cheap, and I got what I paid for. 1-5 freebies was female, found 5-10 from the outdoor mix I got were also male. Not to exciting looking plants that are female, I am doubting the strains they claim as well. They did get here fast and did all sprout, just shitty genetics, which I know I'm not the first to say about them. Got better looking plants from a street bag right now.
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    Fletcher,where you getting your seeds from in the UK my friend.Im based in the uk and can point you in the direction of some reliable seed sources .Iv bought in bulk beore from vrious sources.One of the FEW benefits we have here in the UK is our availability and ability to freely buy and sell seeds.Althouh id rather have the Colorado option over the UK one anyday lol. Let me know if your based in Scotland,England,etc and i can maybe hook you up,iv got a few friends in the seeds business.Not so much breeders sadly but reliable seed venors who sell exactly what the packaging claims.

    You'll find all the quality seeds from these sources. Also many great UK seed breeder sites such as . I can HIGHly reccomend their Blue Cheese and CheeseDawg:jj:
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    Yeah theres too many MJ forums,FB pages and the like nowadays,we all simply have to embrace and promote each other as best we can.A joint effort and to give the consumer the best choice. THCfarmer and Cannacollective especially are two places i frequent and have frequented.Good call Juggalo:thumbsup:
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    Yep. Only way to keep the bad-uns from getting a foothold is to cross promote the good-uns.
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    Real nice. Maybe you know some best shop in Edmonton, or nearest?


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    Last year I ordered here:

    (Link removed-spam)

    Used the seeds a month back, seeds are 8 months old (but kept well) and 90% sprouted.

    I believe that is pretty good. SO that is a good addittion to your list. They also ship to US!
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    Thanks for sharing. I was in search of these.

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