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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Krispy, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Krispy

    Krispy Budding

    Hey, I know ive already posted a few things but just wanted to formaly say hello. As my sig says im not a grower im an independent stoner. getting to the point that i cant afford good dro anymore here in TN. so figured it was a good investment to support my own habbit. Already i see this site is going to be the backbone of my information. the archives here are an endless pool of information.
  2. wawona

    wawona The Trichome Connoisseur

    welcome aboard. make yourself at home. :)
  3. trillions of atoms

    trillions of atoms Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    welcome krispy :) have a nice stay:D
  4. nice garden of ease you have as an avy
  5. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    welcome, krispy! :wave:

    and yes, GK is a wealth of knowledge. all you have to do is look! :D
  6. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Yep Krispy

    There are many good things to say about GK.

    Sounds like we have one more.

    Welcome aboard.
  7. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still


    We're glad you made it, Krispy! :animbong:

    Now, stick around and grow some fine bud, bud! :punk:
  8. HillbillyHemp

    HillbillyHemp Higher than Camel Pussy

    Welcome Krispy!

    Nice to have another TN Hillbilly round here!

  9. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~

    :wave: Welcome to GK Krispy.

    not a hillbilly >>>we call them piney's here. :D

    Peace~Jersey :animbong:
  10. Bud Greenright

    Bud Greenright In the garden, you?

    :animbong: :beerchug: Welcome, And I said the same thing about this site being the backbone of information. So consice:punk:
  11. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Where's Creme? :ponder:
  12. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    it's spelled "kreme", herby! :roll:

    stay away from those fat bombs! :)

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