Hi everyone my Hydroponic set up and feeding method

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by nsviper, May 14, 2007.

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    This system is the elevated bucket system, but I am using a grow table to hold 8 plants, and 5 buckets. Here is how each bucket is set up each bucket has a drain return back to the holding tank 4 buckets is the max on one drain line the tank I have hooked up has 2x ½ hoses drain lines. Each plant has one ¼ in hose feeding the plan the plants are clones and grown in Hydroton Expanded Clay, looks like lave rocks. PH levels are at 5 to 5 1/2 each bucket has a air line going in the bucket with the same blue air stone you get from the pet store for fish tanks. My plants are in the budding stage so I have to go to full bud should get 1 to 2 pounds from 12 plants if I am lucky, this batch got messed up and budded to early. But we will see how we do with this batch Our last batch gave us 9 1/2 pounds the plants reached 6ft.. For 12 plants you should use 6 HPS lights for the best yield 3x1000w HPS & 3x600w HPS for the max spectrum of light.

    These elements are all mixed from powder in a blender always adding the water first then the elements!

    The Base Veg Mix: FOR ALL VEGGING

    Week 1 PPM
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    first off welcome! second.... i have no farking clue what u just said in that post:confused:..... you hydro guys never cease to amaze me...... but it sounds like you defo know what your doin. enjoy yourself..... its a celebration everyday here at GK:punk:
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    roflmao, couldnt agree more. WAnna try some day though. Under stand the DWC, and even made a pratice run im my garage. Just dont understand the nute end of it all.
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    Fox Farm

    I use Fox Farm nutes for hydro and for the most part go right off the chart on the website. I guess i'm to lazy to get that intense, but good luck and enjoy!
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    yeah usually when you buy hydro supplies you get the nute chart for free
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    Sounds great, i'm a hydro girl myself. One thing, if you can afford all those lights it would it be nice to take away 2 of the smaller HPS and add 2 MH of the same size. I wouldn't have said anything but you mentioned getting the max spectrum and while you do have a very ample amount of light, you have only warm spectrum. And while veg = cool and flower = warm, in reality it would be best to have some of each throughout the grow.

    Oh and by the way, welcome welcome!
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    yeah dude, youre a little technical for my experience level so im lookin forward to readin some of your posts. there are quite a few growers here that know what theyre talkin about and ive learned a lot form them, so maybe youll be another grower ill learn from.
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    Welcome too, 'vipe from another fresh face. Don't take the wrong way what people have said. If your creating your own stuff from scratch, and its good, then your the man. I myself like most people are always looking for complete control of their grows, and if your doin' all that, and doing it well, then your dojo is great. Now, I do a dry rub for pulled pork that is perfect, but it will be some time before I carry that to your arena. Nice to meet you.
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    as plain as day


    Welcome to GrowKind, nsviper! :wave:
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    Not a hydro grower myself but it is always good to have another hydro grower on the forum,welcome and kick back and enjoy the ride viper[​IMG].Cheers:beerchug:
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    Thank Everyone for the welcome

    its great to see lots of others with the same intrest, with many different methods and styles of gardens. i have been a avid smoker for over 30 years and i have tryed a lot of different stuff. I decided to start growing my own for my own use and the Hydro has the best turn over rate from 1in clone to a full matrue plant in 3 months. also the yeald is the best in the small space that i have you can get 2 to 3 pounds of good bud.The friend that turned me on to this method has all the gear $10.000.00 worth and is getting 10lbs every 3 months. The THC levels in this Hydro method are very high. Big Bud Indica some of the buds are the size of a shoe box ill see if i can get some pictures of the next crop and ill post them.

    Happy Growing

  13. StinkyBuds

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    4800 watts? for 12 plants? all hps?...... sounds like super overkill. But hey go for it ..i would .

    But still a guy that knows so much about growing (wich you seem to) wouldnt it be much better to use two or three of those lights as MH ?

    And again pardon me if i am out of line but 12 plants 4800W in a small space wouldnt light bleaching become an issue? Not to mention heat .

    I really wanna see your setup im drooling over here .... pictures please !!!!
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    ...rocket in socket...

    ...viper dude...

    ...like others have done here already...I scratch my head in confusion...

    ...don't get me wrong though viper dude...it's all in a daze work...

    ...I welcome your presence here...and anticipate well over-my-cranium discussions with you...

    ...I have never ventured into hydro setups...seems to me that if the plant can be grown in simple measures like it would do out in nature...then who am I to go messin' up the works...I just find soil cultivation to be so much more forgivin'...and this statement is only made by the knowledge and expertise that I have seen display'd here by other hydro growers...simply put you hydro-ers are grow gurus, if you ask me...and that is bonus...so no frettin'...

    ...glad yer' here...check in with the front gate...there is a slight parkin' fee...lol.

  15. AlienBait

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  16. nsviper

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    I have some of the pictures posted (Ultimate Big Bud Indica)
  17. NUGZ

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  18. NUGZ

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    you definetely sound like you know what your doing buddy, props to that! i just have one thing i can't seem to get out of my head-HOW THE HELL DO U AFFORD TO RUN 6 LIGHTS???? you surely can't be paying for that electric bill cuz it would be out of hand in the summers trying to cool an operation like that...just wondering. later. nugz
  19. nsviper

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    Power Bill

    well i have a good Job! and after the first crop you can pay for power for for the next years crops.

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