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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by White Widow Project, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. White Widow Project

    White Widow Project Germinated

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  2. WillGrow4Food

    WillGrow4Food Toker Extraordinaire


    If you have any questions go crazy.

    Good luck with your first grow!
  3. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Another whipper snapper eh? :suave:

    Welcome to the boards. :welcome:
  4. JuggaloKing420

    JuggaloKing420 Just clownin around


    Whats up man. Good luck
  5. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    More tridlettes.....sheesh....Oh, um yeah. Excuse me, welcome young WWP.

    Now close the door and don't track mud in the kitchen. I just cleaned the floors.

    just funnin...welcome aboard.:welcome:
  6. White Widow Project

    White Widow Project Germinated

  7. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    :welcome: to GK little grasshopper.

  8. White Widow Project

    White Widow Project Germinated

    i want to be mr.Miagi

    show me the way plzzz
  9. choker

    choker HIDING OUT

    Son............please take our hand and we will guide you to the garden of buds.
  10. link420

    link420 Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    welcome bro :welcome: And don't be scarred of the elderly around here :wink:
  11. Toker2

    Toker2 Looking at a hot ass

    I'M 18

    I'm about

    :rofl: Naw just fukin with ya dude.

    18? oh to be 18 again, You on your own or with folks?

    No roomates I hope?

    Keep the Chicks away from your grow.

    Read the security section here AND LIVE it.

    Good luck man, ambitious first start, and a better one than ,Mine.

    Good genetics. What lights are you using and how big is the grow going to be?

    I would suggest BCSEEDKING, 55 bucks gets you 15 reg seeds but go for it by all means.

    You have many choices,Good luck and keep us posted, IM wanting to do a widow grow myself.

    I reped ya kid, You got balls

    good luck and PAY attention to what the Pros here tell ya.

  12. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Elderly? ELDERLY!?? I'l fuckin elderly ya right to the woodshed. Punk ass bitches! Why I oughta.....oughta.....oh time for a nap? Where's my regular nurse?

  13. White Widow Project

    White Widow Project Germinated


    live with gfs family lol.and the lights will be 2 Watt CFL - 150 W Equal - Warm White 2700K - Spring Lamp - EarthBulb by EarthTronics CF42SW1B

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] Manufacturer: EarthTronics

    Manufacturer's Part #: CF42SW1B

    Screw-In Compact Fluorescent

    Wattage: 42 Watts

    Incandescent Equivalent: 150 Watts

    Initial Lumens: 2800

    Operating Temp (0° F - 100° F)

    Life Hours (Avg.): 10,000

    Color Rendering Index: 82

    Warm White 2700K Click Here

    Dimensions: L 7.0 in.

    15 Month Warranty

    Case Quantity is 24

    Price Shown is per Bulb

    See Video
  14. White Widow Project

    White Widow Project Germinated

  15. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Here's the Million $$ question. Do the gf's parents know yer growin? What are the ramifications if they find out?
  16. virago420

    virago420 Excommunicated


    I'm only 27 but choose to hang out with 'old heads' any day over young punks. Apparently I was raised alot different than how they are raising kids these days. Peace
  17. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still


    :welcome: :redbong:

    Welcome to our little growing community, WWP :wave: :animbong:

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