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    This episode of the HIGH TIMES News Hit welcomes New Hampshire as the latest state to legalize medical marijuana. Plus, Marijuana Policy Project director of communications Mason Tvert explains why a pro-pot advertisement that was set to run outside NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 was pulled and who was behind it.

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    To paraphrase; "I'm investigating 12 homicides due to the MJ industry. Oh,,,really?"

    "Um...ok 9. I'm investigating 9 homicides due to the MJ industry. Oh....um...really?"

    "Zero. There are no homicides directly related to the legal MJ industry in Denver."

    Gotta love it when they dance.
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    I'm sure there have been some, dealers/growers always get robbed if you are known
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    That be the rub. The only cases have been outside the legal industry and are due to the illegal cannabis industry in Colorado.

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