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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Green Goblin, Dec 4, 2017.

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    tax reform is sorely needed, this won't be the final tax bill and i'm happy that senate put into theirs about pass thru's.

    honestly i don't see what the complaints are about, all taxation is theft. this lowers basically everyones taxes. the only ones that may get hit are those that buy huge homes as investment to avoid taxes because it will limit mortgage deduction....but that only effects mcmansions. but the bill basically eliminates taxes on the working poor, and drastically reduces taxes on most of the middle class
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    " eliminates taxes on the working poor, and drastically reduces taxes on most of the middle class"

    How can you tell, Nippie? I skimmed through about half that large pile of words. Couldn't make much of it. I gave up looking at it after realizing that they could hide a herd of elephants right in the middle of it and I'd never know it.
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    You have to have to current tax code to know what any of these remarks are referencing.

    One of many shitty things I found, you have to live in a house for 5 out of the last 8 years to escape,capital gains tax on your primary residence. Changed from 2 of the last 5...why? What benefit does this serve except to generate more tax revenue from doing absolutely nothing.

    We are being taxed, without being represented by our peers.
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    look at proposed rates and standard deduction. that alone lets more dollars be made before a tax even starts. that's why people are looking at the sunset of the law and then increases, but it prob won't sunset, no laws ever do (unfortunately). But under that alone the vast majority get a decrease in taxes, there are a few people that will see an increase, but you really couldn't do a tax bill where everyone wins because any loop whole close creates a victim of tax increase.

    I do find offense to some of the shit floating around though, about college kids etc. Harvard and the others want stipends to be tax free...which is bullshit, supporting that is like supporting Walmart helping it's employees sign up for local programs so they can suppress wages. For universities to complain about giving 40k away tax free to their employees while it came from the tax payers to begin with is insulting. Specially for everyone else who works for a living that has to claim full value on any gift over $600. If a company I work with chooses to give me a gift that's not cash I should be responsible, but if a unversity pays it's employees that way to escape laws meant for employee vs contractor work it's fine.

    green goblin, the vast vast vast majority of our tax system is not about generating revenue, more so incentives towards behavior the government wants. Thats why there's a tax deduction for home ownership to begin with, or kids, or 401k etc. It has prob more to do with helping people behave a certain way than it does in collecting money. Extending the home ownership rules is prob to deal with people flipping homes creating artificial bubbles, I really dont know because it's not an area of concern for me....whats it the first 500k of profit (not of value) gets written off. That's kind of like complaining about the death tax aint it? A rule that only effects the uber wealthy unless you are selling homes for millions of dollars profit every couple of years

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    Where the bulk of my funds come from and where it goes is, in my opinion, none of Uncle Shitheads business. He can't tax what he doesn't know about!! On paper I show a comfortable home and a few decent rides and the numbers to cover them in a very simple stack of papers at tax time. Eating well, playing a shitload of golf and blowing money at strip clubs are not deductible so why even insert the numbers into the equation. Just my logic.
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    That's absolutely right CG. This country was founded upon the concept that a man owns his land and owns the rewards of his labor. That is not what we have now days. And it will be our undoing.

    We are Rome :pimp:
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    I think its sad the majority of the people in this country dont believe in its founding principals.

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    In the words of a song by Rage Against the Machine there are 4 steps to the end. First we COMPROMISE, then we COMFORM, next we become COMPLACENT, and before long it's ASSIMILATION into the collective.
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