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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by greethumbumm, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. greethumbumm

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    :welcome: i am currently puttin together my first indoor garden. i will be using a 1000 watt H.I.D in a 4'x4' light "footprint". my grow room is 6'x6'. my question is, how many plants should i put in? i want to maximize my yield but not over crowd my plants (so no SOG techniques please). im using bag seeds so im not sure the characteristics of my plants either. i plan to keep my plants 3ft or shorter. my thoughts were to put 1 plant for every square foot and just prune them so i have atleast two tops per plant, but that just seems like a waste of space and light overall. i would love to hear what anyone has to say about this, thanx guys and gals!
  2. greethumbumm

    greethumbumm Developed Alternating Nodes

  3. choker

    choker HIDING OUT

    I would put 9 under a light like that. 3 rows of 3
  4. Green Goblin

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    If it were me I would put 48 plants in that space but u don't like that sog...soooo

    I would go with 9 and flower at 6-8", or 16 and flower as soon as roots show if ur using clones or keep em pruned to under 6" until they are mature enough to flower. You have an oportunity to create a lot of weed in a fairly small space if you can keep it cool and keep ur plants short. Remember hot plants stretch and stretched out plants will crowd the space and make the light less effective.

    Happy Growin' :pimp:
  5. Psycho D


    I would cook a pizza under that bitch.

    I kid, I kid, I joke, I joke. lol. If yer keeping them short 9 is good. Just watch your temps.

  6. stickyicky24

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    I have a 4.5' x 4.5' space and I currently have 8 under there but had 9 and although it's works. What's your plans for ventilation?? If you're gonna use a 1000 in that space you better have that worked out.
  7. greethumbumm

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    i have a 6" air cooled reflector. my space is larger than than 4x4. so it should be easy to keep cool
  8. greethumbumm

    greethumbumm Developed Alternating Nodes

    if i knew more about SOG i would try it. but as of now i dont think i would be successful with that technique.
  9. greethumbumm

    greethumbumm Developed Alternating Nodes

    everyone seems to think that 9 is the number to be at but i think that isnt enough. i thought 1 sq. ft. per plant would be good. maybe some pruning and staking needed but not much. do they really need that much space that i should only put 9 plants in 16 sq.ft?? my grow room is just sectioned off so i can make it larger if needed. as of now its 6x6. 4x4 for the plants with a 2 ft border aound the plants so i can get to them all with ease.
  10. skunky

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    Well that's a little easier said than done. It all depends on what you are using for a fan. Nothing will work like a centrifugal fan. And you would need a 6-8". Alot of people think they don't need that big of a fan because the area is small but thats the problem, small area and a lot of energy. Needs good circulation. So what's your exhaust setup?

    Seen plenty of people try to air cool those lights using only inline booster fans and the majority of the time that just isn't going to be enough.
  11. mt.king

    mt.king mud drags champion

    space & lights

    my rooms 9x10 & 12foot celing 2 1000s eye hps's & i'm puttin down 15 & veg till 18 to 20 inches then switch oh yeah instead of my 2 halides i'm useing the good old sun.:fly: :passit: :fly:u'll probably want to veg a week or 2 at most mabe even top depend on groth charictoristics of ur plants
  12. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    Run a search for "ditty cooling lights"

    As was said before don't think its easy to cool a 1k. Going into that situation without being prepared to upgrade tends to lead to stretched out heat stressed ladies. Keep in mind that on top of how much air is being pushed around, cooling has everything too do with the air temp being brought into the space, where its coming from and where its going.

    Happy Growin' :pimp:
  13. Dank Vapor

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    Doing is a SOG usually involves many more plants. Rather than trying to train the shit out of 9 plants so you get like 5-8 colas on each of them which can take a bit of time in veg to accomplish, you clone some mother plants a lot and fit in 16-64 plants in that space using smaller pots and you don't really train them save pinching n shit if you find a girl getting too tall.

    You just let them grow straight up for the most part. You will find that there is almost a mini flowering height when yo do this and the plants will stretch up to that point and then just bud and not really get much taller.

    I find the cloning a little faster than training the shit out of 9 plants in veg and it takes up less space and you can get a perpetual grow/harvest going. You either train a plant for a while then it goes in, or you root a clone, then 1 week to establish it in its new medium, then right into flower so you only really ever have a flower pot sitting in your veg area for 1 week. Since it takes time to get new clones on the mother plant, a couple weeks, you end up doing a 2 week cycle almost. After about 2 months of doing this, every 2 weeks you'll be pulling buds and then replacing them with new 1 week old clones.

    If you do a sparse SOG with 16-25 plants, you'd bend them over during the stretch for like a week so they bush a little bit, and then you release them. If you do a tighter SOG, you do nothing. Just make sure there is a screen or something at about 60% the max height of the plants so they have support because they will lean a lot being just a single tall cola in a small pot.
  14. stickyicky24

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    Not to bust your balls bro but you say "everyone seems to think that 9 is the number but I don't think it's enough". If you didn't want feedback why ask??? Us who responded have done this and know what you can fit. And that space will still make a 1000w hard to cool w/o the proper fans exhausting it. My space with a 600 air cooled requires AC to be constantly running and a 6" inline exhausting to keep my temps in the range they need to be. A 1000w would not work unless I upgraded my fan.......which is already a 424 cfm.
  15. greethumbumm

    greethumbumm Developed Alternating Nodes

    fresh air in from the outside pulled in the room and out thru the light into another room using 6" in line fan pullin 375 cmf. constantly running when lights are on.
  16. Im running 2 1000's in an 8x10 room. I've got 18 plants flowering, and bring in another 15 that are just starting to veg (I have 3 small tables set up in between the 2 lights, so its sort of an overlapping coverage from both lights) and its cramped as hell in there. Cooling is also been a bitch. I have a 5200btu window ac unit that has to be on full blast during lights on to keep the temps at 80-82. I have a reversible intake/exhaust window fan, and I have to have it exhaust during lights on, and brings in fresh air during lights out or temps just get to out of control. I also have 2 20'' box fans, and 2 other 9'' fans blowing over the plants. Soon the stores will be clearincing fans and such, so i'll probabaly try to pick up more, id really like more air movement in the room
  17. choker

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    2 1000 watters........................Oh the memories.If i did it again i may check into 2 600's. The heat is such a bitch. Maybe able to have the 600's closer.You have photos up recession grower? I would love to see.My 2 1000 watters. DSC00604.jpg

  18. ScottyG420

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    Damn. Somebody gettin they greed on!
  19. Dixie Hicky

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    I can get 16 one gal containers under my one 6-- w HPS. I use "food storage containers" from Walmart. They are TALL, rectangular and narrow, so two take up about the same space as a one gal round container. I do Hempy, but I guess you could fill them with soil and drill your holes iin the bottom uinstead of in the side. Anyway,, 16 plants. I much prefer single or double cola plants to many colas.

    Here's a birdseye view of my Hempy containers. As you can see, by being narrow, two have the same size footprint as one round container:

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    yea, tell that f***ing guy! i know him, he's a know-it-all asshole! :roffl:

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