How much is the US in debt?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EvilSkuzzi, May 27, 2011.

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    "Surely you have all possessed one of these in your life. If you haven’t, something is very wrong and you should probably look into it. Either way, its a nice picture to have in your pocket".

    I see plenty of Benjamins. Just a bitch to cash sometimes :rofl:
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    The end is near.

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!! :pimp:
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    If you mean the pre eminence of the dollar and the fall of American

    Supremacy i would sadly have to agree...your stance on MG however is BULLSHIT

    JK to each His own

    By the way whats this? Im fucked up but looks yummy

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    24 or somthing another?:passsit:
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    Amen to that...:passsit:
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    fuck it, let's just nuke the hell outta china and their allies and be done with our "debt"










    I'm not kidding either. We don't need their lead-painted children's toys. We don't want their communism. We don't want their tiny little women. We don't need their land. We can live without their shoddy, cheaply made, over-priced electronics. We can produce our own marijuana/hemp/hash and opium products. We can produce our own silk, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and whatever other spices we need because we have the land and man-power to do it. Our guns are without question superior, so we don't need theirs.

    We have Swiss and German scientists so we don't need chinese science. We would ALL probably like for them to stop wasting the worlds steel supply on those BS tunnels and train systems. We can build our own sweat shops to make our own cheap clothes.

    I can't think of a reason why we really need to rely on china for a damned thing. What exactly got us into taking money from them to begin with?
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  12. EvilSkuzzi

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    LOL you haven't got a clue.
  13. ShadowWarrior

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    well then how about instead of being a smart ass and try to insult me, you elighten me? Tell me why the US began accepting so much financial aid from a communist nation and alowed ourselves to become indebted to them? Do you actually know? C'mon home skillet, give me that clue that I'm missing.
  14. greenthumbwhitethumb

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    Approx. 800 billion in debt to them, as a matter of fact. To a crooked, communist nation. And you know where a HUGE portion of that 800 billion is from?

    WAL-MART. Stop fucking going there. You know how many people I hear pissing and moaning about China, and WalMart, and ten minutes later they make a comment how crazy the lines were at... you guessed it.... WalMart. Hey dumb fuck!!! Why the FUCK are you still going there???!!?!?>!?!?!? Shut your fucking cocksucking piehole about how much it sucks if you're going to be the planet's biggest goddamn hypocrite!!!!!

    FUCK!!!! ASS!!!!




  15. ResinRubber

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    Gawd I love it when you talk dirty GTWT.

    SW- If it were only that simple. Shut off hard goods manufactured at a fraction of the price possible in the U.S. and you might as well put a gun to the head of the economy.

    GTWT- Hate Wally Mart and the havoc they cause in rural american economies all you want...but they are still an employer that creates wealth.

    If you want a better trade balance why not force the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to return to their original mission? It was founded to balance monetary exchange rates between member nations by buying low valued currency and releasing high value currency as needed to control currency and trade fluctuations.

    Of course this would destroy one of the avenues of debt exit envisioned by the fed of devaluing today's dollar (domestic inflation) to facilitate easier loan repayment.

    Today it's become a mega-bank lending money to failing economies while exacting demands of political/business reform from the recipient countries in exchange. This was NEVER envisioned at the founding of the IMF. It's not in their mandate to effect politics of sovereign nations via monetary extortion. But it's what they do while ignoring the original mission of aiding in trade balance.

    GTWT...could you swear for me again?
  16. retiree

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    Who knows if that wasn't in the plan all along RR. These people think differently than you and me. I truly hope that the basis for the IMF was simply a function of currency regulation. But I'd bet my ass that one or more of the founders had in the back of their mind exactly what we see today and who knows what else.

    Our economy is in trouble in large part because of the nature of our society. That is, we are a capitalistic society. And in the truest sense of capitalism. China is a capitalist society too albeit government controlled. You can see the obvious differences. What we have done here in the US is to trade jobs for profits. We have exported tens of millions of jobs to China and around the world and the corporations AND small businesses who have done that have reaped larger and larger profits. But only for the ownership. This has contributed immensely to the disappearing middle class and the furtherance of the super wealthy. We can all do our part by patronizing businesses who sell american made products. As of now there is little demand for many american made products. When there is a demand, there will surely be a supply to follow. Be American!! Buy American!!

  17. EvilSkuzzi

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    I didnt try to insult you. I just pointed out how little you seemed to understand the situtation (from what you wrote).

    Why did you take loans from China? Easy, they offered it.

    China has been selling low cost manufacturing for decades. The whole western economy is built on their cheap exports. The chinese have been banking this money and buying up foriegn debt. While the west continued to get fat on their money, china banked it and lent it back to us. Thats why we owe them money.

    Nuking China is a fucking stupid idea! Period!

    You may have 10 time more nukes than them and maybe twice the number of soldiers, but all they need to do is get one warhead into the US. BOOM, your fucked. Even if you did wipe them out with a massive nuke strike, your then double fucked.

    The whole US economy would buckle. You think its bad now with the credit crunch. Take China out of the picture and who the fucks going to make your TV's, mobiles, computers and digital ballasts? Not fucking you. Your not going to work 70 hour weeks in a sweat shop for £20 a week.

    The world is addicted to the chinese manufacturing machine. They have 1 billion ppl who are all willing to work for nothing. The US has a shit load of lazy consumers who are not willing to do shit when compared to chinese workers.
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    just an observation.....

    Doesn't this conversation belong in the politics forum. Seems to have a lot to do with foreign and domestic policies in regards to how they effect world economics.

    Also I have to say that those out there that seem to like to say "just nuke em" as the answer are really bad at making a joke or just plain clueless.
  19. ResinRubber

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    Think you're right Ras. Moved.

    Retiree- just enough of a cynic to believe you may be right about that being a hidden IMF agenda all along. Create a large enough pool via member nation funding and currency trading to be able to financially influence (extort) developing nations. Just speculation...but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

    The exit strategy on debt? That ones been floating for years. Only now it's starting to look like the only legitimate avenue left.
  20. ShadowWarrior

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    Hey Skuzz, I was kinda being a smart ass. I know it's not as simple as just doins away with their aid and not buying their crap.

    It just pisses me off and I started talking shit is all.

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