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    Cannabis tincture is a highly concentrated mix of alcohol and trichomes.

    It is an effective alternative for those who can't smoke due to health problems, or for anyone that needs to medicate without the odor of smoke. Cannabis taken orally has more of a body stone effect.


    Materials needed:

    a) Kind bud. The higher quality the buds, the better the end product.
    b) 190 proof grain alcohol, or the highest alcohol content you can find.
    only use drinkable alcohol sold in liquor stores.
    c) 2 mason jars with lids
    d) Coffee filter
    e) Pot of water
    f) Flat glass/pyrex casserole dish. The wider the dish, the faster it will evaporate.
    g) Dark glass tincture bottle with dropper. You can get them in health food stores. If they don't sell empty bottles then buy the cheapest vitamin/supplement they sell in a bottle and rinse it out.

    optional: Coffee grinder. This isn't necessary, but it allows the trichomes to be penetrated easier by the alcohol, which means more potency.
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    Step 1:

    Break up the buds. The amount shown is 20gr. You can use any amount.


    Step 2:

    Put buds into coffee grinder


    Step 3:

    Press the button a few times until it is ground, but not powdery


    20gr ground bud


    Step 4:

    Push the coffee filter down into one of the mason jars. Leave a little hanging over the top edges and screw the lid ring over it to hold in place.


    Step 5:

    Put ground bud into other jar, then pour in alcohol until it covers the bud


    Step 6:

    Put lid on jar and shake for a few minutes


    Note: Some people leave the mixture in the jar for a few days or weeks. If you do this, keep it in a cool, dark place. Alcohol removes most of the trichomes within a few minutes so letting it sit for a long period is optional.

    Step 7:

    After shaking for a few minutes, pour all the mixture into the filter, then pour a small amount of alcohol into the jar and swish it around to remove any remaining residue, then pour into filter.


    Let drain for a few minutes


    After draining, it is ready to use for cooking or mixing with drinks, but it has too much alcohol to use orally in undiluted form, so the excess alcohol must be removed to make a more concentrated mix.


    Step 8:

    Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the cooking area. If you cook indoors, turn on some fans and open a window to dissipate the vapours.

    Put an uncovered pot of water on the stove on medium heat. Place the casserole dish on top, then pour the filtered mixture into the dish.


    Heat until most of the alcohol is evaporated


    Step 9:

    Pour what's left of the evaporated mixture into tincture bottle. If there is any residue left in the dish, put a small amount of alcohol in it, swish around, then pour into tincture bottle.


    1oz of tincture ready for use



    The amount you consume depends on the potency of the buds and concentration of the tincture, so you have to experiment to find the dosage that is right for you.

    Put a drop or two under the tongue and waiting a few minutes for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream. If you feel nothing after a while (at least 30 minutes), try increasing the dosage.
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    whats it taste like?
  4. HappyHappyHighGuy

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    If you put drops under the tongue there isn't much taste. The only thing you can really taste is the alcohol.
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    gotta try this one out for shure
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    Great post!!! Very useful, and I'm glad it's stickied.
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    Tincture can burn if taken undiluted. It's best mixed in a drink or recipe.
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    Wow, never heard of this, very kool :thumbsup:
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    well this looks like something im defently gonna have to make one day.

    i have a question.

    is there anyway to inject this kind of thing directly into your veins?

    and if there is how would u go about doing it?

    i have zero experience injecting drugs so idk how you would do it if u would have to water it down or what:icon_confused:

    ...and yes lol im very high right now:passit:
  10. Useless

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    Most people here add honey to the tincture. Same process as described above, just add some honey in the final product to improve the taste.
  11. HappyHappyHighGuy

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    *Added steps

    After shaking up the bud/alcohol mixture, pour it through a stainless steel teabag strainer over a jar. Push down on the plant material to remove most of the alcohol.

    Place the drained plant material into another jar with alcohol, shake it up for a few minutes, then repeat the process above. This removes trichomes that didn't get released with the first shake.

    Pour the pre-strained mix through the paper coffee filter and proceed with the steps in the original instructions. It filters much faster without plant material.

    After draining, there may be some hash on the paper filter. Put the filter on a piece of cardboard and let dry overnight. Scrap it off with a rubber spatula and enjoy.
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    Very nice guide.

    Down my way the stuff is produced on a mass scale and put in a pill capsule form and called oil. Dont know anyone who injests the stuff, its mainly taken by either dipping a pin in it and burning(spotting) on hot knives, or smearing a little on tinfoil and burning a lighter underneath. Butane can also be used i believe.
  13. utelme

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    Interveinous tincture ingestion

    The recipe for tincture sounds easy and good. But I think if anyone were to inject it into their veins they would die. The filtration method would leave a lot of vegetation in it. NOT a good idea.

    get high but dont die

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    Honey and a shot glass please.....
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    This is the next method I'm going to try. The last tincture I made was with ~12g of dried ground up BUD, no leafage. Then I poured vegetable glycerine in it, and would rotate and turn the small jar once or twice a day, and let it sit for ~75 days. Then strained it. It worked well. The vegetable glycerine has kind of a sweet taste so it went great with the sweet tasting strain that I used. ;-)


  17. Dreadheadcouple

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    Glycerine Vs. Alcohol Tincture

    What are the pros and cons for using either the glycerine or alcohol method? Potency, taste, ect... I recently made a tincture with everclear, and about and ounce of kind, letting it sit for a month and then evaporated the majority of the alcohol off. It was extreamly potent but the taste was a little much to handle. I enjoy using tincture before and after meals to eliminate my heartburn, But would like to be able to make my own potent, good tasting tincture that I'll want to take four times a day, instead of purchasing it from the local dispensary. Any recipe's?
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    It seems like you could mix the tincture with water and keep in an airtight container and shake well before each use. I haven't tried that so don't know what the results would be.

    Glycerine is on my shopping list and will be experimenting with it soon. I'm working on different variations of tinctures and will report any good findings.
  19. rasganjah

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    I'm gonna try this out.

    I'm gonna make my first batch of tincture. I'll be using this method with the exception of the quick evaporation using the stove and boiling water. My stove is gas and I don't wanna explode! :thumbs-up: So I'll place it onto a seed heating mat to evaporate some of the alcohol. I'll post pics and results here in this thread.

    I was also looking over the qwiso hash making and it's the same method but you let all the alcohol evaporate and then scrape the oils together and form into a cake or ball right?

    I do like a good strong tincture for aches and pains. It's nice to have a quick and odorless way to medicate. I like it for taking in public or around family that doesn't smoke. I just hate paying the ridiculous prices that the dispensaries charge for it. I hope I have good results.
  20. rasganjah

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    Made a batch of tincture.

    Made a batch of tincture following the method in this thread.

    First I measured out 1 cup of ground up trim. I ground it (frozen) in a food processor.



    Then I measured 1 cup of Grain alcohol. (Strongest in CA is 75.5% / 151 proof) Plus 1/4 cup for rinsing the jar out later.


    Then I put the trim and 1 cup alcohol into a mason jar and shook it for 15 minutes.



    Then I poured the liquid and plant material through a strainer and into a coffee filter and allowed it to drain into the jar. I rinsed the jar with 1/4 cup more alcohol to get all the plant material into the strainer and squeezed it out well. I ended up with exactly 1 cup of raw tincture.



    I then poured the raw tincture into a casserole dish and placed that onto a seed heating mat for aprox 3 hours until 1/2 of the liquid and alcohol had evaporated. I used 2 oz brown jars with droppers to put the tincture into.




    The finished product is pretty oily and tastes like herb. A 1 ml. dose gives a medium body stone and a mild euphoric head high, sort of relaxed and day dreamy. It's still pretty strong with alcohol so it tastes pretty bad and can burn under the tongue, but is ideal for adding to a drink like a cola or root beer. I ended up with 4 oz of tincture that I'm pretty happy with. :thumbs-up:

    Thanks HappyHappyHighGuy!! :thumbs-up: :potleaf-3: :nanner-2: :flyy: :flyy:

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