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  1. RkyMtnWayHigh69

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    Damn dude, thats kick ass looking tincture. ;)

    We did some, but it was alot different.

    We put out trim in darkened jars and filled them with Everclear too.

    Then we shook them 2x a day for 30 days.

    Then we let them sit out and evaporate for a couple days, but only in the jars. I'm sure the casserole dish method is much quicker, but we didn't think of it then.

    Then we poured it into the dropper's just like yours and i's VERY potent.

    My problem, is I don't drink, at all. and I'm an alcoholic, so any alcohol to me is too much. Well, I can taste the alcohol and I don't like it.

    I plan on doing another batch someday, but it'll be with glycerin or something other than alcohol. :(

    Yours looks PERFECT, so I do believe I'll be doing the sme method as you.

    Thanks for bumping this thread up to where I could see it. :) :ebert:
  2. rasganjah

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    Me too!

    Thanks Rky!:thumbs-up:

    I just quit drinking myself. I had an "unhealthy" relationship with alcohol so I quit all together cold turkey. I have to have self control and I plan to never drink again. Alcohol when consumed in large amounts for the purpose of getting a buzz is very destructive. I was concerned about goin into the liquor store to buy the everclear but I handled it and made the tincture and I only mix it into a drink so I can't taste the alcohol at all just a slight herb taste. I used root beer. Stay strong and do what you need to do not to drink. For me I'm glad I was able to handle it because I like tincture. Maybe a glycerin tincture for next time for me too though. :thumbs-up:
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    You can add some raw honey to the tincture. Then it tastes nice and sweet, like a liquid candy drop. :thumbs-up: Use 1 part tincture to 1 part honey.
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    I think I'm gonna try to make a tincture out of some QWISO hash. I've thrown a few grams of hash into a bottle of everclear before with devastating results, so a concentrated hash tincture should REALLY kick some ass. I just didn't care for tincture made of bud/trim, too much clorophyll for me.

  5. HappyHappyHighGuy

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    Nice job rasganjah

    Try adding a drop or more of essential oil to your finished mix to improve the flavor.

    I've also used cinnamon schnapps instead of everclear and it makes really tasty tincture.
  6. HappyHappyHighGuy

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    I've learned a few things since first posting this thread...

    Creating a palatable tincture starts at the beginning with the herb. Water curing is essential to remove all the bad flavors while leaving the medicinal cannabinoids intact.

    Water cured buds also improve the flavor of edibles like cannabutter.
  7. HappyHappyHighGuy

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    I made some Glycerin Tincture

    There are many methods for making glycerin tincture, from cold to room temp to warm, and letting it sit for anywhere from 24 hrs to a year. I'm trying two methods.

    The 1st glycerin/bud mix was put in a coffee cup on a candle warmer for 3 days. A 2nd mixture was put in a jar and will be stored in a cool dark place for a couple months, shaken daily, as well as you can shake the motor oil thick glycerin.
    I used .5oz ground DJS Blueberry for each of these two tinctures.

    After 3 days I drained/filtered the warmed mix with a cheesecloth and a lime squeezer.

    Here's the finished product...


    The taste is cannabis but not overpowering or nasty like in pot brownies, the other flavor is a light sweet taste like sugar. It's very palatable, but I plan on adding a drop or two of essential oil, probably cinnamon, to the tincture.

  8. tim4960

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    just what I need

    Hey, thanks for the info dude. Sounds like I'll be doing some mixing tonight lol.
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