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Discussion in 'Politics' started by DXE, Dec 16, 2014.

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    A huge step indeed. :coolbounce:
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    Right on!!

    Wonder how long until the banks will feel it safe enough to handle the billions of dollars the industry generates. Seems the banks and investment firms would be some of the biggest lobbyist. A fucking shame that those companies can't conduct their business and finances like everyone else. And all the profits generated can't be reinvested into other aspects of the economy due to the fear.

    Be Cool, CG
  5. CCrete

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    They cant get backed by all the "fdic" benefits...all federal pressure...if banks can't garuntee their customer cash safety, nobodies Guna bank with em
  6. ResinRubber

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    Well it's about fucking time. Digging the way the issue is picking up conservatives as a states' Rights issue, which it is. I sense a few Libertarians may have infiltrated the repub caucus.
  7. friendlyfarmer

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    Still schedule 1 for us healthy recreational tokers, which I find astoundingly stupid. That will change though.
  8. DXE

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    The thing that bothers me here is what is the big picture??

    Last week, it was the ruling to allow the Indian tribes to "cultivate" freely.

    This week it was the Fed saying to legal states - go for it - Medical only.

    SO whats the big picture?? Are they gonna allow the states to run medical programs BUT when it comes to the big bucks - full legalization - USE the Indian Nations to do their bidding - that solves the issue of not in my backyard, solves the legal enforcement issues (on sales, distribution) it also solves the revenue issue - states get cut out and some percentage goes to the fed...

    I guess we shall all see??
  9. friendlyfarmer

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    At the conventions, a Lib coming out of the closet is like a mafia snitch confessing he's wired at the drug deal :roffl:

    i cant see what they are up to. it's like playin chess with a chimp. i may have a disposable thumb and all, but...
  10. Lvstickybud

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    You have a disposable thumb???:bduh:
  11. DXE

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    In FF case - his thumb must have become disposable when he burned it on his Dab rig.......
  12. Mrgreengenes

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    Ouch! :danger: :roffl:
  13. friendlyfarmer

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    Apparently oppose-able as in thumb ain't a word. :LOL:

    Boy I can't wait to have Uncle Sam telling me what to do again.:BangHead:

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