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Discussion in 'Organic Cultivation' started by HappyHappyHighGuy, Dec 10, 2009.

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    Before we started recycling anything a few years ago, my wife and I threw out 4-5 bags of garbage every week.

    Then we started recycling paper, plastic, metal, glass and plastic and it went down to 2 bags per week.

    Since we started putting all our plant scraps into the worm factory we are down to just 1 bag of garbage per week!

    Just think if everyone recycled...we could change (some of) the world.
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    In Seattle, we have a Yard Waste Bin, along with trash and recycling. It's mosly for leaves and yard clippings etc, but all of your compostable items from the kitchen go in there and they do use the compost throughout the city Park System (that's substantial, for all of you who live in places where a "park" is corner with a jungle gym and merry-go-round). It's just that I don't want to send mine away anymore, so I ordered my WormFactory 360. I wan't those castings!

    Thanks for raising awareness HHHG!

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    I have been feeding the worms for about a yr now and I too have reduced my waste.

    I am on my second casting harvest but before I do I have been looking on Youtube for different ways to do so....there is a rotating sifting screen that I am in the process of building and will post pics when it is done.

    The castings are going to be well needed on the top soil of my outside grow this yr.
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    Unfortunately, most cities are not that hip yet, and recycling is still not mandatory in most place. My subdivision has NO pickup service at all, and my previous subdivision only picked up aluminum cans and #1-2 plastic.

    Many garbage service companies pay people on an assembly line to go through every bag they collect to remove recycle goods, which adds to the price we all pay for garbage pickup simply because people are too lazy to sort their own stuff.
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    I do not have trash collections.

    I have a small trailer, that I put my trash in.

    About 1-2 bags a week. But i have 3 children. The food scraps go in the compost pile. The paper products go in the fire place. Only thing that gets thrown in the trailer is metal and plastic. That goes to the sorting center and they figure it out from there.

    Why pay 20 bucks a month to throw away 4 bags of rubbish, when I can spend 16 every 3-4 months to take my trailer down to the center.

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