I\'ve discovered that my mother has breat cancer

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by Sven, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Sven

    Sven Germinated

    I need your help to identify the right strain. Is there a girl that aides particularly well in helping one cope with the side effects of radiation treatment? I have never grown with this in mind - any suggestions that would aid in my research more quickly would be greatly appreciated. I need to find quick-to-harvest seeds that will help her deal with nausea, fatigue, etc.

    Thank you.
  2. Mrs B

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    Almost any strain will do, Sven. You'll probably want to go with something mostly indica as they tend to be quicker to finish, but even if you plant immediately, you won't harvest for maybe 4 months, possibly longer, so if she needs it now, try to buy a bag for her. You might post this question to Jay in the Badass Buds forum and see what he recommends. Also, you might be able to get something from a medical mj club, but I don't know where you live. So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope you find some relief for her soon.
  3. ClayStreet

    ClayStreet Gypsy

    sorry to hear Sven. hope everything works out ok.
  4. dreadlock soldier

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    Yeah, sorry to hear about that - my mum had cancer and got through it, so dont give up hope.

    Peace and god bless.
  5. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Sven, where are you located in the world? If in the US, try a medical club.

    As for strains, I know some chemo patients who like a 50/50 mix. Pure indicas can drain energy, although they are the best for pain. Pure sativas don't help with the pain too much, but helps keep the patient feeling energetic. Both will help with loss of appetite.

    AK-47 is a great 50/50 mix, but can be harsh and cause the cough when smoked. White Rhino and White Russian are a little smoother, and the Rhino is also refered to as "medicine man" because a lot of med users prefer this strain.

    For chemo treatments, I guess I would recommend the Rhino.

    I hope that helps, and all the best wishes for your mum.
  6. jay

    jay Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Im sorry to hear that Sven. Ill let you know what Marco has to say as soon as i can.
  7. jay

    jay Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Here is what MArco has to say...

    Hi Jay I could tell you this much WILLY JACK is the only thing my friend and fellow exemptee uses and he has gone through Chemo and Radiation treatment. He swears by this variety. It is a mix of Jack Herrer and Williams Wonder. Now I have extreme nausea and I find that true INDICAS the best for those symptoms.

    You could also try going to his forums...


    Im sure there will be somebody there who is experiencing similar problems to your mother. I hope i have been of some help to you both. Take care.
  8. greenthumb420

    greenthumb420 Hash Engineer

    Sorry to hear that sven,hope evrything works out. I would have to agree on the 50/50 mix and what jay said. I myself am a big fan of white widow which is a 60/40. It seems to have the right balance of sativa to indica so i don't feel too energetic nor too lathargic....the perfect ballance. It does help greatly for pain but would probably do better if it was a 50/50 mix. Personally i prefer to have several different strains in reserve because each is a little different.
  9. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    I wish your mom the best Sven. You may talk with HappyJay about his Romeo strain. Maybe he can hook ya up with some beans. I found it to be the best pain relieving strain I have tried to date. It is a cross of Adelaide Skunk and Couchlock (Afghan #1 x Northern Lights #5).
  10. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    thanks, jay, for the link to treatingyourself.com. i found lots of good information on there and plan to keep going back for more! :bigokay:
  11. hellostupid

    hellostupid Stupid Iz. Stupid Duz.

    :alien:I pray that your Mom  Sven will get well soon...and i'm glad that your Mom is not afraid to Smoke Medical Marijuana...since it'z the Safest Drug on the Planet(Aspirin kills more people than Cannabis...and that'z legal!)...:sad:

    My Mom had a serious back injury this year...and Cannabis wuz the ONLY prescription that didn't have any ill side-effects or Nasea.

    She really loved White Rhino...becuz she doesn't like turnin' into a couch potato. White Rhino happens to be my Favourite as well [​IMG]...

    She liked it soo much, she easily decided to ditch the back pain relief "medicines" that did dull her back pain...but sadly replaced her pain with Nasea...causin' her to throw up everytime she popped those damn artificial pillz.:angry:

    She swears that the nasea-giving-back-pain-pills was just as worse as the Back Pain itself!  I couldn't bear to watch her throw-up all day either! Very ugly sight!

    Medical Cannabis IS meant for Pain Relief...

    ...it's so much more superior over prescription pills that i'm not afraid to advise Medical Users to at least try and replace ALL those deadly pills(pain relief pills only)...and place their trust in Medical Marijuana... :)

    I can see why the FDA is so afraid of this un-patenable plant called Cannabis Sativa...

    ...Rich ******* Drug Companies can't compete with something that is far more safer/superior...

    ...somethin' that ANYONE can learn howta grow in their very own home!!!

    It just blows me away to think of all the senseless pain&suffering our Govt. has condemned us too...

    ...Govt. Corruption at it'z Finest...:angry:

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  12. Budweiser 3

    Budweiser 3 Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    hang in there Sven you and yer MoM,hope ya find the right strain soon....will pray fer yer family's well being:bigok:...i understand the fear's and pain you may be expearianceing...but like stated there is still "Hope"!!:smile:..i shure hope she feel's better soon:smile: Bud3

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