If you could really make a difference, would you?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mad Scientist, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Mad Scientist

    Mad Scientist Veggy Stage

    Okay, you guys probably don't want to know this, but I hang out with a lot of cops. Most of my friends are cops; though many of them were my friends way back in highschool. For that matter, my wife use to be a cop.

    So, a couple of weeks ago, I'm sitting at my buddy's house, having a few drinks. We're talking about the construction industry and how much it sucks right now. I'm talking about finding a "real" job, and he looks at me and says, "Hey, when are you going to let me help you get a job as a cop?". My wife promptly spoke up and said "Um, NEVER!". She knows 99% of cops are just plain scum that cheat on their wives regularly, so she doesn't like the idea at all.

    I don't know... The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I don't want to be a cop, so that seems like all the more reason I should be one. I'm not corrupted by power, and think I am old enough to not be corrupted by it. I'm generally a very quiet and gentle guy, even if I do look like a big burly biker-dude.

    Maybe I could make a real difference to some kid who would otherwise be busted for weed by some dick cop. I've known too many people that were busted and taken to jail, when the cop could have just said "Go home!". Instead, they have to play their dick-cop routine and take them to jail for a piece of resonated paper they call a roach.

    I don't know...

    Am I just desperate for a job? lol

  2. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    i think ur just desperate for a job...i hope :D

    if i had it my way id be boarding horses and dogs on a 20 acre solar/wind powered ranch up the parks about 50 miles or so. thats my goal :pimp:
  3. AzGrOw-N-sMoKe

    AzGrOw-N-sMoKe Begun Flowering

    ya i dont know about a street cop..but a narcotics officer who works big drugs suck as crack coke herion or meth...just a thoght..az
  4. JohnH

    JohnH Smoker Extraordinaire

    I think I'd be a cop if I wasn't into what I'm doing, I'm a absolute prick, like control, but I give people a chance. I'd be the cop everyone wants to get stopped by since I'd play it SuperTroopers style!
  5. nikoatnight

    nikoatnight Full Flowering

    TOooooooooooooo dangerous and the pay sucks
  6. ishmeil

    ishmeil cannabis connoisseur

    plus random drugs tests...duhhhh
  7. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    Too lazy to work.

    Too chicken to steal.

    Join law enforcement....

    what a sweet deal.
  8. Dazechain

    Dazechain Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    ...poems are cool...

    ...if the original poster is worried 'bout a little drug use gettin' in the way of being a cop...I say...don't ya' worry 'bout a thing...common knowledge today is that police departments are in such a bad way as far as having enough bodies to succesfully patrol a city, that they are going to the extent of lightening up on prior drug use issues when it comes to pre-employment screenings...

    ...Los Angeles is one of those cities...and shoot...even the FBI is lowering its bars...with the past drug use issue...and can anyone here tell me why the number of new recruits is at a all-time low across the country...

    ...duh...that's simple...IRAQ. Where the youth of this country have been call'd to protect our freedoms as they try to force feed democracy down Iraq's throat...seems like a rather tall order...does it not...silly bush...conflict resolutions are for grown-ups...ya' know adults...or in other words...humans with some depth in the smarts dept...col(cryin' out loud).

  9. nikoatnight

    nikoatnight Full Flowering

    I'm with u on this one, not going to get into it though.Don't even know how he got in a second term! OOOOOOO right sham recount you say!>? Kiss our asses PUSH EM THROUGH! Now that's what I call having a say and a reason to vote :dontknow: :puke:
  10. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Like to say: My best friend for the past 17 years, who saw me start smoking pot, and smoked pot with ONCE and only once, is now one test away from being a city cop. I am proud of him. He knows what I do (except for the growing part....yah...never finding out about that one), and its ok. He even TOLD them when they asked when the last time he had been around weed was, and he said, "at my friends house last april." I am not mad at him, didn't tell them who I was, and you know what? They asked him the same question under polygraph. I say: Cops in themselves aren't bad, they serve a necessary purpose, its the laws that are the problems. Who better to have on your side than law enforcement?

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