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    Submitted by Useless:

    How about a 25 plant aero system for under $40.00?
    I use it only for veg, but with some minor modifications you could easily set it up for more plants or fewer, larger ones. Mine has the capability to 16 plants to 12" or 25 plants to 8".
    Check it out:
    I took an old igloo ice chest, some pvc and and fittings, 2" net pots, some jets and a pump.

    Using a 1 7/8" hole saw, drill out the holes in the top of your ice chest. I used a nice 25 hole pattern that allows for any multitude of configurations for number of plants and different sizes.

    Using 13 pieces of 6" pvc, 8 90 degree elbows and 4 tee fittings, I made the plumbing.
    I just fashioned rectangles out of the pvc, connected them on the top with a cross member to provide equal pressure to both sides. On the bottom, instead of a cross member, I added two input male 1/2" NPT nipples/fittings for the pump hose.
    Drill and tap the five top pieces for a 10/32. You will have to double check the tap size for your particular jets.
    I installed 9 jets, four on each long run, and one in the cross member.

    Hook up the pump and you are good to go.

    Parts list-
    13- pieces of 1/2" x6" PVC threaded (doesn't have to be threaded, but it sure made it easier); about $7
    8 - 1/2" 90 degree elbows; about $3
    4 - 1/2" tee fittings; about $2
    2 - 1/2" hose x 1/2" thread nipples/fittings; about $1.50
    9 - jets; less that $1
    25 - 2" net pots; $0.24 ea. = under $5
    1 - hydro pump, 200 gph, about $20

    Yup, nothing like good old "American ingenuity". lol
    Hope you like it. It is really easy to make, the only thing that is imperitive is to drill and tap the holes for the jets, then clean the tubes before you assemble it. Otherwise little pieces of plastic clog the jets and it'll take you a couple of days to clear it all out.

    Tha Alskan Stylee Aero Kit. Straight from a Useless mouth!
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