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    :bong-2: Well been around a while now,but thought i might give a bit of info on my grow.I have a cool room which is 3m x3mx2m h divided into 3 rooms .Two flowering rooms and one for clones and young ones.flowering rooms 1 has a 400hps and the other has 600hps .Clones are under 180w of grow fluro and young plants have a 250w hps .Sorry no pics as yet because of paranoid wife and camera and computer not playing ball.Ihave 4 big bud in room 1 and 5 bubblicious and an unknown in the other. Have grown outdoors since we were teenagers,but for last few years have tried the dro.Plants are grown in a mix of perlite ,coco and freshwater diatomite ,i only use bloom nutes through to flower rarely adding N if needed,superthrive and an amino acid fish waste product is added along the way for a boost.Will try Canna pk 13-14 this time in flower .All plants are hand watered, and flushed with fresh tank water and a little peroxide once a week to keep roots healthy.these things are growing amazingly well.Will post pics soon as possible ,and good growing to all.:-welcome-:
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    :-welcome-: Bamboo. Looking forward to pics :thumbs-up:
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    :-welcome-: Welcome buddie......:anibong:

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