Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MelloKitty, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. MelloKitty

    MelloKitty Germinating

    I wanted to stop by and say hello. I've been reading here for a while and decided to be a member.

    It seems I joined up on the wrong day because I got banned 10 minutes after signing up. Got caught up in the St. Patricks Day Massacre. LOL!

    After some heroic efforts on the part of the Mods, I'm back on. Thanks guys!:love4:
  2. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

  3. MOB

    MOB New Sprout

  4. StinkyBuds

    StinkyBuds TooStonedToPost

    Wlecome back!!!!

    We almost lost you to collateral damage.
  5. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    That was my bad. :5headache:

    Sorry for the less than warm welcome MelloKitty!!!!

    I didn't realize you were another member's "other half" :eusa_shifty:

  6. Cannagirl

    Cannagirl Preheat to 420

    Another girl???? yes???? If so, yay, we need all we can get :) Welcome! Not all days are like that.

    whos other half?!
  7. MelloKitty

    MelloKitty Germinating

    Aawww. Snickelfritz blew my cover.

    Cannagirl, Yes I am another girl (if a 40 something can be called a girl:) ).

    My hubby is running around here somewhere....
  8. AlienBait

    AlienBait Custom User Title

    Welcome to the show Mello Kitty.
  9. PurePlaya420

    PurePlaya420 Full Flowering

    Nice to see ya here! Do ya mind if we ask whose the husband? lol. Id try and guess but just about all the guys here are married...
  10. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    LOL... I wasn't gonna tell.

    IF & when THEY wanna share that li'l tidbit... They will. :pottytrain2:
  11. PurePlaya420

    PurePlaya420 Full Flowering

    snicks being a little suspiscous so as of now hes mellokittys husband lmao!

    I now pronounce you two man and wife you may now kiss the bride! hahaha
  12. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Nice to meet ya MellowKitty. :wave:

    May you live up to your name. :punk:
  13. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    LoL... Nope

    Just not my place to say, bra!

  14. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still


    Hi MellowKitty,:wave: and welcome to GK! <-------the same initials as your hubby??? :confused:

    That was my guess......

    stick around, and have some fun! :punk:
  15. SmokeWizzleEveryDizzle

    SmokeWizzleEveryDizzle ~Movin on up'


    whats up mellowkitty? welcome, tho i suppose you already know what were all about here.. smokin n growin that sweet sticky icky ewwwww-weee lol easy as that, but its good that you enjoy growing like your (mystery [haha]) husband, thats a never ending bond lol ahhhh the power of mj, ok well again welcome n enjoy!

  16. Dazechain

    Dazechain Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Here you are

    ...MK...ultra fine to have you here...

    ...Just for the record...cultivatin' marijuana is fun!...

    ...blendin' n' sendin'...:love4:

  17. MelloKitty

    MelloKitty Germinating

    You guys are too funny!:roll: I think I'll keep quiet :eusa_shhh: about who the "other half:love10: " is. I'm sure it will come out eventually.:eek:

    Thank you for the warm welcome. :beerchug:
  18. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    I'm not tellin'. :pottytrain1:

    We need a new 'secret' around here anyway....TheApprentice already gave his up. :roll:

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