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Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by TheApprentice, Jun 28, 2007.

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    :hello:OK fellow GKers, this is just a simple introduction to this new sub forum.Over time here at we have had members suggest ideas to us and we always try to act upon them if they are viable options and recent additions such as the GK calendar/bud of the month are prime examples of how we(mod/admin) do our best to keep GK the best Hemp cultivation site and forum on the internet.

    So long post cut short peeps,this sub forum does exactly what it says on the tin,lol.This "smoke report" forum is for any strain that any of y'all have grown or even bought and smoked.

    I must stress,unlike the other sub forum( STRAIN GUIDE ) this sub forum doesnt require you to have grown the strain,although it helps if you have,but this sub forum is more orientated to what we as tokers think of certain strains,so if you have smoked say 'white widow' then add your smoke report with ratings and comments if you want to add any.

    :stop: There is only ONE rule for this subforum and that is to put all smoke reports into the proper designated thread.(one thread per strain)

    [​IMG]For example if someone does a smoke report on white widow then from then on all future white widow reports should go into the WHITE WIDOW smoke report thread,this is to benefit the members so they dont have to go searching for lots of different threads/smoke reports on the same strain all over the sub forum.It also helps keep the sub forum tidy and easy for members to use.

    Over time we(mod/admin) hope to see the GK members build up a comprehensive smoke report and also strain GROW reports which will be in the other sub forum thats been newly created.Just remember ppl,if there is a white widow(for example) smoke report thread already posted then PLEASE DO NOT START A DUPLICATE THREAD FOR THE SAME STRAIN.

    :stop: Simply add your smoke report to the thread that already has the name of the strain you are reporting on,if there is no smoke report thread for the strain you wish to report on then simply start your own thread and simply title it with the name of the strain you will be commenting on.

    ENJOY:icon_thumleft: APPRENTICE (on behalf of myself & rest of mod/admin)​
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