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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jimmy the lizard, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    whats up everyone!
    ive posted a couple replies, and started one thread. i think i signed up last week or so.
    this is my first grow, and things are goin pretty good for the most part. i have 39 plants in bloom, 35 plants in veg., and 12 or so clones. i live in a small condo, so i have to watch my power consumption, and make sure my air is SCRUBBED.
    my bloom room has a 400w, and a 1000w, which i rotate manually, as well as rotatating plants, (shorter plants directly under the light untill they catch up.)
    my veg., and clones are under flouros in the closet.
    i have two more weeks or so before i harvest my 39 ak-47's, and afgani #1's.
    i learned the basics from the guy i got my origional clones from, and the rest here.
    im jus now gettin into smokin again after fifteen years or so, (pain meds not workin very well anymore.)

    if i can have a first grow this big with good strains, this site must be FULL of information.
  2. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer


    that's a lot of plants and lighting for a small condo
  3. royaldoe

    royaldoe nug lover

    Wow Jimmy,

    You have one hell of a lot of plants in that condo man. Jeezz dude be carfull. Sounds like a lot of fun though. Are you doing dirt or hydro?
  4. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    don't be a tease....

    flash us a glimpse of the goodies!!!

    I'm really interested how you are pulling off this balancing act....25 plants have been known to whoop my ass.

    hydro, dirt?

    pot size?

    come on man, a grow this size is going to be of interest to everyone
  5. mrdope

    mrdope The Cannabis Grower

    Im sure that all those plants you have will help your pain.
    For sure show us some pics if you can.

    Welcome to GrowKind:wav:
  6. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    im pulling off this balancing act with DIRT. lol

    i need the buffer soil can provide. i have been known to get nute formulas mixed up once or twice, but i am a beginner. with practice comes perfection.

    my digital camera wont take pictures very well, but ill figure it out. i already have too much invested in this grow to buy a good camera, so good pics will have to wait, but i can promise i have what i say i have. i have encountered almost every problem imagionable, but have recovered with hours, and hours of research.
  7. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    just thinking about lugging soil into the house for 70 plus plants tires my old ass out.

    I have a GH on the roof of my 2 story home...skinny little spiral staircase going up....did 25 plants there the first time....had to carry all my shit up and down during the cover of night....:new_cussing:

    so, what size pots are you using to finish them in? probably have a couple pickup truck loads of dirt involved?
  8. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    oh, yeah, one gallon pots. clay rocks at the bottom, and a soil mixture of 70% foxfarms oceanac, and 30% foxfarms warrior.

    i stayed in veg. for wayyyy too long with the 35 in bloom, waiting for my scrubber, so im almost root bound, and i know its affecting my yield, but i couldnt afford to get any stinkier having neighbors on the other side of my wall.

    also, i didnt trust an automated system not to spring a leak, and or squirt water all over the place since i live upstairs.
  9. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    How long did you veg?

    I would guess that if you vegged even 30 days you would be rootbound in 1 gal pots

    I've finished with 1 gallon pots basically becomes like a soiless grow around 5 or 6 weeks, kind of watering everyday. I would feed and flush a couple times a week.

    actually was impressed with the yield.

    question...why clay rocks at the bottom?
  10. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    clay rocks at the bottom for drainage. i pulled a plant out of the pot recently, and it didnt seem too rootbound, but once i figured out i needed bigger pots, and even more soil it was too close to harvest time, and im kinda broke right now. lol

    next cycle ill have that part down.

    if you think lugging soil sucks, try lugging water once or twice a week. i dont have an r.o. system yet, and i have to get five gallon sparklets type jugs filled at a water purification machine. the tap water here is FUCKED UP! i even tried a britta water filter on my faucet. it was still too dirty!
  11. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    skip the clay rocks at the bottom and add 20% to 30% perlite to your mix

    can't be cheating roots out of space
  12. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    thanx for the advice! ill try that out when i transplant my veg. right before bloom!
  13. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni


    You seem to have done some homework before you jumped in!

    Nice.. But I would get worn out with all those plants.

    Think of Motrin when you get ready to trim... LOL
  14. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    no homework before i started, jus T.L.C. i started with advise from the guy i got the clones from. but i have been doing lots of homework since i went into bloom. my feeling out process worked out great in veg., but i realized i gotta look before i leap in bloom. more precision = larger yields in bloom from what i can see.
  15. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

  16. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    alright guys, i posted some pics in the photo gallery. these plants are supposed to be short, but the longer i vegged, the taller they grew. i had to use bushmaster to stunt their growth, and as soon as i went into bloom, they all started to fall over. i had to string up all these friggin things individually.

    like i said, this is my first grow, and i now know a lot of the mistakes i made. looks like i should get about 2.5 lbs. dried, but i could have gotten more. we'll see what happens next cycle!
  17. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    what happened to everyone? i know my camera sucks, but id like some type of comment on my pics. lol
  18. bongpig

    bongpig Veggy Stage

    I think your plants look very stretched out.

    A link to your gallery might help others find your pics
  19. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    yeah, they got too stretched mostly cause i stayed in veg. too long. i had problems gettin a scrubber and my condo already smelled like weed pretty bad.

    there was no way i was goin into bloom without that scrubber. plus i trimmed off all the small branches near the bottom. they were freeloaders any way.

    ill post a link when i get some good pics.
  20. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer


    I have no idea how to see your photos.....any suggestions?

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