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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jimmy the lizard, Feb 17, 2007.

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    OK...yeap...way too much stretch

    but I don't think this is from leaving them in veg too long, rather the lights not being close enough....not having enough light.

    next grow you need to double or maybe triple the light intensity and prolly not veg over 30 days...that's a lot of plants, bro.

    you'll likely end up yielding better with about half as many
  3. jimmy the lizard

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    thanx for the advice, constructive criticism, and kind words!!!

    i got my vegged plants under good quality flouro's, so theyre comin a bit slow, but still makin good progress. im gonna put em into bloom at 8-10 inches in height. my lights were so close i got some leaf burn, so i believe my problem came from too long in veg., and rootboundness causing the plants to seek out more light for food, rather than gettin enough food from the soil.

    next cycle ill have a better camera, and a better grow. ive learned a lot from readin posts, mostly on this site!

    oh yeah, im already pushin it with my power bill at 1400w for bloom, which is why i now have flouros for veg.. im really concious about my energy consumption outside the room, but i still seek out new power saving tips.

    anything you guys can suggest would be helpful!
  4. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    are those floro tubes all you have for vegging?

    if so, that IS why they stretched...even if the light is sitting right on top of them there's not enough lumens so they look for more....the key to indoor growing is keeping them nice and compact
  5. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    i used a 400w mh for vegging the stretched out plants you see in bloom. im now usin flo's for veg. to help conserve power. theres hundreds of condos in my complex, and the power company might allert LEO if i consume as much as i want for this project.
  6. El Campesino

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    you are finally going to have to downsize your grow....I think you jumped in head first....not criticizing....just observation.

    vegging with floros is just fine up to about 3 weeks...just need it a little more concentrated.

    I'm guessing with a single 1K for flowering, you can pull WELL over a pound every 2 months EASILY...and more when you get the hang of it.

    if you got those results with a 400MH, then the light was not close enough
  7. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    cool. i got a thermometer with the cord that reads temp now. from what ive read top leaf temp should be no higher than 84 degrees farenheight. the room should never get over 80 degrees. if i remember, my light was too high at times. beginners mistake, i thought if the plants grew taller, that would mean more plant=more yield. im all about the sog next cycle!:wav:
  8. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    IT will take you a couple of grows to get everything dialed in and you'll triple what you have going now.

    Since it sounds like you are doing this for yield...I suggest you use grow bags in the future...3 gallon growbags have a 10 inch can pack them close and still give lots of room for the roots
  9. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    goddamn! triple my yield in jus a few more grows? i sure hope so!

    im also gonna have a handpicked strain, maybe a sativa on the side for personal. since ive been readin about different highs amongst different strains ive been exceedingly curious.

    ive been readin about grow bags. my hydro shop can order em for me. ill definately give em a shot real soon!:icon_bounce:
  10. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    maybe in 1 more grow.

    the biggest factor I see is the small have about 20% of the root structure necessary for a mature'll probably yield 10 to 15 grams per plant.

    when you go to 3 gallon pots or bags, that will at least double....also, your plants are too flimsy to support major bud growth...I put attention on the stalks...need a fat stalk to carry food to the buds....i flower when they are about as thick as apencil up to the 6th node
  11. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    got some more perlite, gote some dolomitic lime, and my hydro shop has the three gallon soil bags in stock. looks like my vegged plants are going to get the new treatment. since all my next cycle will have plants which are all about the same height, what do you guys think about a scrog net? ive been readin good things, but im still curious about whether to go sog, or scrog.:eusa_think:
  12. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    SCROG works well with a smaller grow...with all the light you've got, prolly be better to go SOG style....with SCROG you are really piling greenage on top of greenage. I think 400 watts or less to do the best scrog.

    you might choose to set up a small one to go along with your larger grow
  13. trillions of atoms

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    sog if done right = more yeild...... i love sog. :love4:
  14. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    hey E.C., my soil mix comes with quite a bit of perlite, do you think addin more will help? i think the other reason clay pebbles were suggested for the bottom of my pots was to help prevent the soil from draining out of the holes at the bottom. i guess i wont have to worry about those holes when i transplant into bags.
  15. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    well, if you are using the soil mix straight out of the bag, I'm assuming it's going to have enough perlite....but if you are adding anything else to supplement it then extra perlite could come into play....Using grow bags takes some practice's so easy to shift the position of the plant for better circulation or lighting and that causes soil to settle down and can leave top roots exposed...I end up throwing in a couple of handfuls throughout the grow to keep the roots covered...I water directly around the base of stems so it can soak in without running down the inside of the bags and onto the floor..also, I punch 10 or 12 holes all the way around the bottom...the water can pool in creases and set you up for root rotyou can see in this foto how a 2 gallon flowerpot compares to a 3 gallon your ass they save space....

    25feb2007 003.jpg

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    Yield Masters


    You sez:

    ..."this is my first grow, and things are goin pretty good for the most part. i have 39 plants in bloom, 35 plants in veg., and 12 or so clones. i live in a small condo, so i have to watch my power consumption, and make sure my air is SCRUBBED.

    my bloom room has a 400w, and a 1000w, which i rotate manually, as well as rotatating plants, (shorter plants directly under the light untill they catch up.)

    my veg., and clones are under flouros in the closet"...

    I sez:

    Wow...dude...Yer' anudder fine example of a 1st time grow'r havin' his/her ducks in a row...and I really mean that!

    One point of observation of mine to share...if yer' concern'd 'bout Leo and power consumption...don't you s'pose that you have intially set yer'self up for mega-paranoia...flos, 400watt'rs...a 1000 watter...and you only live in a condo...39 in bloom...35 in veg...good gravy, dude...watt ya' tryin' to Orange County...I suspect that if you would back off to a more reasonable # of plants you would find peace of mind in lower numbers...just my opinion...and you can't tell me that even in veg that yer' condo don't just simply reek of ganga...I don't care watt kind of odor elimination yer' utilizing...that much in that small of a living area...gunna add up to some one eventually smellin' yer' careful...don't set yer'self up like a bowling pin...only to be knock'd over...

    I sense that you have brains...use 'em...:sign13:

    ...blendin' n' sendin'...:love4:


  17. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    good advice

    yeah, el camp told me the same. yall are sayin im in over my head a bit. YOURE BOTH RIGHT.

    i bit off a little more than i can chew. had to take a month off of work jus to sort out some stuff. you both know what stuff i mean.

    BUUUTTTTT im a fuckin MULE!!!!!

    my first harvest yielded two pounds or so, (still not done trimmin, an wayin.)

    i put a stop in growroom activity to catch up on the more important stuff in my life. my routine is gettin tighter, an tighter, an i know for a fact i can handle 100 plants, even though im a noob.


    ive done good so far cause yall taught me a lot!

    ill be askin some more questions here shortly, so if yall are concerned, give an honest evaluation for my situation. :)

    hope to hear from you, an the other brains, (yall know who you are,) really soon!

  18. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    OH, D.C.

    i got my room sealed off with a strong active exhaust/passive intake, vacuum.

    i shit you not, my few visitors dont smell shit, even if goin to my bathroom, an past my grow room. ive asked other growers, smokers, chics, an whoever else if somethin smelled funny in my house. "i think maybe my neighbor is smokin pot, an its comin in through my bedroom window, i smell somethin?" I ASK! nobody can smell shit.

    my first dead givaway would be smell, an thats what im on top of most.

    thanx a bunch though! :)
  19. Dazechain

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    Top Jimmy

    ...Yo' welcome dude...

    No big shrink here...waitin' for the updates...figure yer' still tearin' it get it thrown down with some transmissions...yo...gotta go...

    ...blendin' n' sendin'...:love4:

    DC:punk: :sign13:
  20. jimmy the lizard

    jimmy the lizard Genius beginner!

    i yielded 1 1/2 lbs so far. still got some smaller buds to trim, but im pretty sure im lookin at 1 3/4 lbs total. godfuckindamn trimming sucks!

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