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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by Jah make yaa, Jul 21, 2003.

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    Okay. . First off i have 2 plants under some flouros about 120 watts per plant. they are 3 weeks into veg and looking pretty good except the first set of leaves actually one leaf is starting to die. now sure whats causing this. One plant is growing tall with quite a few leaves and one is staying somewhat short with alot of leaves growing and filling in the plant. Whats that all about. Also the tall one is starting to kida tip and grow crooked. Not sure what to do or think about all this. but if you can answer any of these thad be great. im gonna post pics right after i post this so maybe thatll help. Oh yea and tomarrow im gonna take out the flouros and put in a 250watt hps. How far should i put it? should i put it farther than normal for a few days to prevent shock? also i wanna use bigger pots.. not sure how or when i should. Thanks.
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    Not sure about all of those questions, but I do know that lower leaves die and fall off as they are not needed anymore.

    When switching from the fluros to the hps you will not be able to position it as close because the hps will produce much more heat than the fluros
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    as 4 your (HPS ) use the back of your hand 2 gage it .. if its 2 hot 4 the back of your hand then its 2 hot for your plants ....
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    Where's your pics?

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