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    MICROBEAT Germinating

    I have seen some success with growers using LED lights..

    Just sharing:

    Costco now sells LED flood lights , they run cooler and only use 5 watts.

    they run about 13.50 each!
  2. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Honestly man those things don't work for shit. They are decent for veg but that's about it, might as well just stick with CFL's for now.
  3. Dank Vapor

    Dank Vapor Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    LED technology still has to catch up for growing. They got rocking little milliwatt LEDs now, but the big ass 1-5W variety just haven't been optimized yet and no one wants to soldier 200-500 LEDs.

    Soon as the fabrication for the large LEDs catches up with the fab tech of the milliwatt ones, we'll probably see a deluge of LED grow lights and they will totally rock. When this happens you could easily run a LED grow room using solar panels, use little to no electricity and have almost no heat issues what so ever. LED efficiency makes all HIDs look like incandescent bulbs not to mention you could generate more growth based light than the sun gives out using the same energy since you will be able to restrict the spectrum and remove/reduce greens and maximize reds and blues. Its a great concept, but we still probably got another 5-10 years until we really see it viable I would gander.

    Do what skunky says for now.
  4. Joe King Park

    Joe King Park Auto-Pilot Grower

    LED's V HID's V VHO Fluorescants

    New LED Technology Is Making Leaps And Bounds , But I Think OLED's Are The Future Efficiently Speaking, But Still Have A Few Years In Development Yet

    CFL's Are Inefficient And You Cannot Measure Their P.A.R ( Mel Thomas ; " European Cannabis Cultivation " ). I Had One And very Quickly Stopped Using It. Also They Contain Mercury And Having Had Experience Removing PCB Ballasts from Old Fluorescants When In Canada , Know Of Their Potential Enviromental Problems Down The Road.

    The New Fluorescant Lights Being Produced In Europe Are Now Strong Enough To Actually Grow Some Decent Bud

    Leading The Way Is A Dutch Firm Called Spectrum-Reflex

    They Make Systems Like " The Big Q " Which Are Square metre Cubes Which Interlock Together

    The Lumens And Temperature And Wattage Make This A Very Attractive Option ( We Pay A Lot For Electric In Wales )

    Of Course , With The Exception Of The LG Sulpher Plasma Growlamp, I Still Think HPS (600 Watt ) Is The Most Efficient And Readily Available System

    I Can Also Include Some Prototypes Out There As Well As Current VHO Tubes , And Graphs:wink:

  5. Joe King Park

    Joe King Park Auto-Pilot Grower


    Some Good Fluoros ( VHO- Very High Output )

    ( There Is A CFL In This Link , But , CFL Efficiency Is Just My Opinion From Personal Findings )



  6. Joe King Park

    Joe King Park Auto-Pilot Grower

    DEFRA- CFL's (15 watters ) Can Cause Kidney Damage

    I'm Serious ( Imagine What A 125 -300 watter Will Do )

    Heres A Alternative Website That Should Satisfy Your Every Whim

    ( Also Biaxial VHO 55 Watt -9,600 Lumen - Daylight 840's , Normally £10.00 Or More In Hydro Stores Are Available @ manby For £2.49 Each :wink:

    First Site LED's ( First Released In 1962, A Very Good Year:wink: )http://www.netledlighting.co.uk

    Secondly , A Website That'll Save You Lots Of Money And Shows The Latest In Lighting Technology ( Double Ended Ceramic HPS Lighting )http://manbylighting.co.uk/index.php

    Stay Safe

  7. EvilSkuzzi

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    Nice info, but i have to ask, is your cap key automatically press itself after you hit the space bar?
  8. LionLoves420

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    Interesting question......and.....HA! :smoke2:
  9. WiZaRD

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    I think he's using a Cellular phone to access this site.
  10. Joe King Park

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    " He , Being I " , Lol

    Actually I Hit The Shift Button With Every Word I Type

    I Have Done This For Quite A While Now , And It Originated When I Was Once Accused Of Cutting And Pasting All My Replies .

    FWIW; I Cannot Cut And Paste, And I Cannot Text, And For That Matter Have No Mobile Phone

    I Use A Computer And Type In The Same Manner @ Mr Nice.Nl, And Oregon Based FreeMyGreen.com ( Moderator-Grow Advisor ) And Willie Wortels Www.Hempcity.net ( Haarlem, Holland ) And Also @ Www.HowardMarksForums.co.uk

    It's A Style I Have Got Used To , And I Hope it Does Not offend You Being Such A Trivial ( Although Unique ) Way of Typing

    i Can at any time change and Just belt out info in l'il letters if you so prefer , but assumptions of using a mobile/cell phone are just that ; Assumptions

    I Feel Like I May have Hit A Nerve Which Has Caused My Being Suspect of Some Cryptology Or Something

    I Can Assure You I Am Not A Mason , or Toastmaster , or Anything Else Sinister

    I Type For Free, And Spread Information On Growing Topics And Also Tips On Safety

    My Concerns Were Verified Today On The Front Page of The daily Express newspaper In regards To CFL Safety , And The Paper is Still On The Newstands Today ( 70 Pence )

    But To Verify My Concerns , Simply Visit The D.E.F.R.A Website ( Use Your Search Engine ) And Enter " Low Energy Bulbs " , Or CFL's Which Are Set To TOTALLY Replace Incandescants By 2012 In E.U Countries

    L.E.D's Are As Old As I Am , And Soon You Will Encounter O.L.E.D's , Which Will One Day Lead The way in regards to efficient indoor horticulture ( The Best televisions on the MarKet Are O.L.E.d's

    This Is The second Time in the Last few Years i Have Been Asked about My writing Style,lol

    If Anyone Finds it offensive or Consider It shouTing , I can Always adapt And type In A Normal manner

    Irregardless ; my Posts Are To Inform , And Hopefully Educate and Also make Aware any New Developments regarding Equiptment

    PLEASE DO NOT Consider Newsbreaks As scaremongering

    Better safe Than sorry

    Right , I'm off to watch T.V

    Joe ( ZipLip ):icon_eek:
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    [quote name=Joe King Park



    My frickin grandmother uses that word all the time...........its not a word!!!!!!:rofl:

    The origin of irregardless is not known for certain, but the speculation among references is that it may be a blend of irrespective and regardless, both of which are commonly accepted standard English words. By blending these words, an illogical word is created. Another possibility is that when people say "irregardless" they are following the pattern of words like irrational and irregular. "Since the prefix ir- means 'not' (as it does with irrespective), and the suffix -less means 'without,' irregardless is a double negative
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    Since when are Mason's sinister. I take offense to that comment.
  13. Joe King Park

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    Please Accept My Appology Mr Carpenter

    I'm Sorry For Offending Anybody Or Any References In My Somewhat Defensive Posts of Late

    I Don't Exactly Know What I Have Done To Offend Anyone On This Website , And Did Not Expect The Responses I Have Recieved of Late

    I Have Not Purposely Set Out To Offend Anybody On This Fine Website , And If I Have , I Appologise

    I Never Expected My Posts To Cause A Stir Amongst The Community Of Grow Kind. Com, And Have Obviously Done Something Wrong To Attract Such Anymosity.

    You Have A Great Site Here , And I Do Wish Everyone A Succesful Season, Both Indoor And Out

    It's Unfortuneate I Rubbed Some Of You The Wrong Way, Or Came Across As A Smart Ass, Or Know It All.

    Thank You For Tolerating Me As Long As You Did ( A New Personal Record For Me )

    I'm Sorry Things Had To End Like This , Even Though I Am Confused As To The Way Things Turned Bitter Despite My Efforts To Fit In

    Thank You For Your Kind Welcome Though , It Was Very Heartwarming

    Stay Kind:smile:

  14. TheCarpenter

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    I don't take it that personal. I usually enjoy your posts, just wondered why masons were sinister.
  15. EvilSkuzzi

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    They killed christ! The bastards!

    Or was that jews :icon_confused:
  16. CCrete

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    u mean like as in Free Masons? yea they've done some insane shit over the years for sure
  17. ResinRubber

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    Or are the last connection to the saviors of Mary Magdelene. Depends on who you listen to.
  18. EvilSkuzzi

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    I think lizard people!
  19. Joe King Park

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    F.Y.I ; Of Course Stone Masons , Most Of Whom Are Police Orficers Or Judges Or Other Authoritarians

    I Believe In Equality ( Without Exceptions )

    I Am Neither Higher or Lower Than Anyone Here , Or Anywhere Else


  20. EvilSkuzzi

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    I know a lot of masons and not one of them is in a position of power or authority. Brickeys and street sweepers yes, judges no.

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