LED grow round 2

Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by toshin, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    Using the same unknown genetics as last time (clones), growing again with what I learned last time around.

    The setup:
    - 5 clones started with "300w" galaxy hydro LED light
    - vegging/flowering with 2x "600w" galaxy hydro LED light
    - DWC, buckets with high volume air pump
    - FoxFarm nutrients, my own schedule

    Haven't had time for pictures so this first one is 6 weeks in. I just did a major trim to allow light penetration and airflow to prevent the mold issues I had previously. Temperatures are much colder now, hopefully that won't be an issue.

  2. Max Rockatansky

    Max Rockatansky Hurricane wrestler.......

    Looking good!
  3. toshin

    toshin Active Member

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  4. SuperMoChombo

    SuperMoChombo Well-Known Member

    love the growth rate in dwc done right. looking good so far!
  5. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    They are doing good, taking up water quickly. Thankfully the cold hasn't seemed to cause much of an issue yet, the fan has solved the mold problems that plagued the last grow. Definitely below optimal temperature but better than not having a winter crop at all. LED lights don't contribute much heat, the room is only getting up to about 60 degrees during the day.

    In the last 5 days since I topped off the buckets the plants have gone through nearly half of the water. Currently they are in 3 gal buckets, going to be upgrading to 5 gal fairly soon. I am trying to put together a RDWC system so I can stop swapping buckets around. I have a few pumps lying around, should be able to get something going with them.
  6. Mrgreengenes

    Mrgreengenes Administrator

    Can you run a heater in the room? If you could raise the temp another ten degrees it would really help. Otherwise they look good.
  7. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    I may be able to, although there is not much room left. The whole room is only about 6ft x 6ft and already a shop sink there currently. Power wise I should be ok, have a 6kw circuit ran there and not using anywhere near that.
  8. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Im not sure whatcha mean with this, I point it out only so people stay safe with electric....what's a 6kw circuit? Most lines are amps, and while you can keep adding to them, once you go over set amps for the gauge of the wire you run the risk of a fire
  9. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    It is a 240v, 30A circuit. A buddy of mine is an electrician and helped me get it set up to code. Measured how long it was, ran the proper gauge in the conduit, put a subpanel with some circuits for the room lights and utility plugs and a circuit for the grow lights. Everything is up to code and fully safe. I was just estimating how much I could safely run without issue when I came up with 6kw.
  10. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    ok good, I didn't want someone else not knowing any better burning down their house.

    and how cold is it there? i always loved growing tables in the cold, they do so much better for some reason and it helps with bacteria etc in the water.
  11. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    Gets just below freezing, and up to about 55f during the day. Summer averages low 45f and high of 80f. Pretty mild overall, surrounded by trees so my only option is indoor.
  12. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    Toshin, you mentioned havig mold issue because the buds were so dense, I've gotta say that's not usually a problem as long as you're moving enough air over the plants. More times than not a 12" oscillating fan will be more than sufficient.

    Nice lookin grow brother
  13. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    If you're tight for space consider a panel heater Add a thermostatically controlled outlet and you have a simple but reliable hand off system for under $100. One of the small 125 watt panels would work well if your walls are insulated.
  14. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    Last time I had only a bathroom exhaust fan moving air through the room. This time I have a box fan making sure everything gets plenty of circulation too. Also trimmed leaves and sucker branches that were not getting good light. So far its looking to Right before I flip it I'll get some clones again to start the next round. Will have some more pics in today, time to change the water.

    Haven't seen those heaters before, that looks like it may work quite well!
  15. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    Here are the ones for today, tried to get a little farther back but it is pretty much standing room only. Roots are looking nice and white, no signs of mold anywhere. Growth wasn't great in the last few days, and they didn't take up much more water since I had last checked. Definitely the colder temps, it has been especially cold the last couple days.

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  16. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    After the higher nutrients, the plants were showing a very slight nutrient burn. Water only was added and then ph balanced over a few days. My previous post was just after that.

    Today's was a full reservoir change and significant thinning. Nutrients are at 800ppm and the ph starts at 6.3. As the plants take up the water, I have found the ph drops. When it gets to 5.5 or lower I add water to bring the ph back up again. With the thinning I am trying to encourage vertical growth an allow plenty of airflow. The middle of the plants were so dense that fan leaves were being deformed as they grew into each other. I removed most of the older fan leaves and any small branches that would not develop fully. Lights were also moved up higher a few inches, now only about 2 feet from their maximum height.

    Next time will try to take better photos. Before and after trimming today.
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  17. ResinRubber

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    Me likey root porn. :blah:
  18. toshin

    toshin Active Member

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  19. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    So apparently we had a winter this year. Been busy keeping things going, not enough time for photos. 3 weeks into flowering now and the plants are exploding. Did a significant trim when they entered flowering. With the recent weather this grow is getting expensive. 4+ days now on generator power, hopefully getting grid power back in a day or two. Another blurry picture but gives a good idea of the size of the plants now.

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  20. toshin

    toshin Active Member

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