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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by greenthumbwhitethumb, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Hey folks! So I noticed something recently with your standard shop light/flouro light that you get at Home Depot. I use 4' shop lamps for my little girls in veg, and every spring when I start seeds for my veggie garden. I just recently noticed a lot of these standard old bulbs are LED, vs the T5, etc that's always been. Have they been out for a while, and I'm just really daft and oblivious? (very possible...)

    Re: growing, will these be comparable to the ol' flouro standard? I didn't realize the box I just got was LED. Poached some from work, and found out those were LED as well.
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    LEDs have come a long way.
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    Never seen the LED flouro replacements used in a garden. Methinks I'd not trust them to do the job in anything but a "test" situation. Regular old four foot flouro T5's and T8's and Twhatever's are still on the shelf at any Homie DePot or similar whateverboxstore. Usually about $10 apiece or a pack of 15 for $90.
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    Yeah, I have kinda kept my eye on latest/greatest grow lights, and seems like the LED ones are not so shabby. Was wondering about those shop lights, tho, I don't know anything about any sort of spectrum or all that jazz. I've got a dozen little clonies under a 4' light of 'em, but I'm also augmenting the sides with some bastardized cfls, because I'm nervous the LED wouldn't be enough....

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