Light Proof Vent Part Two

Discussion in 'DIY' started by friendlyfarmer, Jan 30, 2014.

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    We all know how important ventilation is. We also know how important light proofing is. If you are in a circumstance where you need high volume light proof venting in a small space, here is one solution. Some highlights: it cost about $50 to build. The materials are just plywood, screws, caulk and paint. It's mobile and it's compact. On the downside, I did use a table saw and a miter so my cuts were pretty accurate which is crucial for decent joints. If you are using a circular saw or (god forbid) a jigsaw, or anything you can't put a fence on, you gotta go slow and be careful and get good straight cuts. Also, if I were to make another one of these, I would use thicker plywood. 1/2" OSB is just a RCH too thin. I made it work but had to pre drill every screw hole very carefully and even then the plwood started to split a little once or twice. It's not critical since the wood's only function is to block light and channel air, but solid is always better.

    This one is 5" X 11". It was supposed to be 6" X 12", but you know...










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    Love it! :goodjob:
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    Great job FF! :redbong:
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    :idea:The only thing I think I'd change with the design is that I'd make the actual intake opening down by the floor the same size as the opening inside the room. A filter return grill would be a nice way to trim out the exterior side not to mention it'd hold an furnace filter.

    You always do such nice work FF:not-worthy::not-worthy::not-worthy:

    Thanks for posting!


    hmmm.. Must spread some reputation around before giving any more to FF....
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    I made one of these out of cardboard like 7 years ago when I built my first cabinet, they work great!

    remember folks, light doesn't BEND! take advantage of that idea
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    Here's another one, bigger and better made. Same design. This thing ate two sheets of plywood and two cans of black spray paint though. The good news is I got the dimensions of the openings correct at 12"x20" to accept a furnace filter. Also, the duct remains at least 12"x20" at every turn in vent, so there are no tight spaces restricting the air flow.



    CC I hate to say it but Einstein theorized that gravity bends light, and in 1915 this prediction was proven correct with the observance of a solar eclipse. Astronomers knew where the stars were in reality, and when measured from a place on earth where the known star was right next to the eclipsed sun, the star was observed in a different location, confirming that the sun's gravity bent the light from the star which was being observed on earth.

    BUUUUUT light don't bend THAT much. Like a few degrees over 100,000 light years, so we are safe in the grow room I think.
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    How come I can't see the photos?

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    Photobucket seems to have kicked the bucket. Got to load the pics into the site's media gallery.

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