Lost: But Seeking the Truth

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Phantasmagoria, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Phantasmagoria

    Phantasmagoria Phantasmagoria

    :passit: I'm trying to weave my way through this maze of ideas and thoughts. Back in the day (60's) was active in the "Weed Movement", but since have been dormant. Now free from the "Viet Nam Syndrome" and retired from teaching and all the "kids" have finally left the nest, I have time and pesos to partake in something more worthwhile and rewarding: to produce some ass kicking bud for my companions and me. I need all the help I can handle. Peace to one and all.
  2. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    Your at the right place what would you like to know-Bud Merry Christmas
  3. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Welcome.:hello: I aint checked out that site you mentioned in the PM yet but im on it:thumbsup: The questions you asked were reasonable enough to post in the beginners lounge and you will get many opinions and answers. Enjoy the forum.Peace:potleaf:

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