Making "Bubble" Hash for the First Time is Easy

Discussion in 'Hash and Oil' started by rasganjah, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

    My Ice in my trays is from filtered R/O water, but I did buy bagged ice. I'll have to get the paint stirrer for my drill for the next batch.
  2. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    The thing is that they're too damn big! Crushed ice would prob be the shit! I just know that I'll never use tray ice again :lmao:
  3. RkyMtnWayHigh69

    RkyMtnWayHigh69 2010 NAGC Winner

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  4. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    Mine is red (that's what she said).
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  5. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Stickied. Got to try and move this to the Faq. Of course I have to figure that out now.
  6. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

    Holy cow!, I would be honored to have my tutorial featured in the FAQ. My aim was to demonstrate just how easy Hash making can be, even for a first timer. I know i did a good job for my first time, but like anything I will get better with practice. I hope everyone enjoys this thread and the hopefully helpful information contained within. :thumbs-up:

  7. john.s

    john.s Germinating

    Where can I buy those bags? Is payload the brand or the type of bags they are?
  8. greenthumbwhitethumb

    greenthumbwhitethumb down w the moral majority

    Ok, I'm a total dumb newbie with hash, having only smoked it twice in my life, that I can remember.

    I see there are tons of ways of making hash - what makes one way better than the other? ie do they smoke differently? Taste different? without using anything but water, is the ice hash smoother?


  9. RkyMtnWayHigh69

    RkyMtnWayHigh69 2010 NAGC Winner

    IMHO, Bubble Hash or BTO are the only ways to go. And since BTO is dangerous indoors and I don't want to have to buy more supplies than just ice and my bags.

    Bubble hash is the purest form of homemade hash. IMHO
  10. mrsganjah

    mrsganjah Ganja Babe

    I appreciate that rocky. I'm here, but not much time to post. :angel4:

  11. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Very nice job... with the hash AND the toturial.
  12. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

  13. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    Check Ebay. I picked-up a nice set for $40 something ($52 with shipping).

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