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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Administrator, Feb 7, 2008.

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    Sorry for the cut and paste, but this article just says it all and I had to share it. Think of it what you will.....I'm just trying to open some eyes if I can.


  2. madhadder

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    interesting read. mccain or hillary will destroy this country. when your so far in debt you dont want someone who sees himself as a "general" in office. nor do you want someone like hillary who wants to give away money to people that dont deserve it!:angry: i think a good business man like romney could help our economy.. also i cant believe congress would approve 3 trillion dollars to support the war on "terrorism". plus if you add in the money they spend a year on the war on drugs. i cant imagine a country in more debt than us.. why is america investing so much money in wars they cant win?
  3. "The Master"

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    If I think about all of that, my head will hurt. I'm not finding fault with the Authors work. I just got no answer :icon_confused:

    People that claim to HAVE the answers, get nailed to trees.

    I don't have any answers.
  4. JohnH

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    Powerful read, thanks!
  5. hygrade

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    that depresses me,we are screwed no matter who we have running things it seems.until we ALL stand up and quit taking the crap, our rights will keep being "ammended" to suit the wants and needs of the government.i'm in the same old hole of "what can I do alone"? so i'm not pointing fingers.we've gotten too comfortable.the constitution's only value anymore is that is an antique document,nothing more.we certainly don't live by it .we are all so used to the easy way and to being soothed and sweet talked while uncle sam is steadily lubing up and if you weren't sure,yes both of his hands ARE on your back....WTF! all i know is that i'm pretty sure the next pres can't do worse than the last 8 years.i don't give a shit who it is ,i wouldn't pick anyone from the lineup.nothing will a world where smoking a harmless plant is vile & hienous, yet smoking one that grabs you by the nuts and won't let you quit is'll be the same in 4 years,we'll just have less rights.well,i'm outta breath and going to smoke a vile hienous bowl....

    excellent reading herb,makes me want to really do something instead of sitting here bitching
  6. TheApprentice

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    A good read...

    Very interesting read..... the problems in the states just now are world wide...europe is fucked up with this new untied states of europe(E.U),we have all traded our nations sovergnty just to be part of the biggest and most despicable unelected buer0cracy ever constructed.Shame on Gordon Brown for signing the e.u treaty as it was just a copy and paste practically of the previously rejected e.u constitution.

    These are certainly worrying times in politics worldwide.A good articla well worth a read though herb,cheers:ebert:
  7. madhadder

    madhadder seeking wisdom

    im not trying to sound conspiracy theorist.. but it seems like pieces are slowly starting to fall into place with a new world order. talks about joining canada, america, and mexico to make a new country under one currency. bill clinton being a spokesperson and getting paid by the government of dubai. bush selling stuff to saudis.. can u say wwIII?
  8. TheApprentice

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    Check out 'the candidate thread' and 'WTF is this' thread for refernces to last post.

    Check out the topics we are chatting bout in the 'candidate thread' bout the world order.I see you already posted on the WTF is going on thread about the saudi weapons deal.Its fucked up all this shit aint it,join the dots and you'll see the bigger picture,dont try rationlize like herb says,think outside the box.Peace:potleaf:
  9. allsmilez

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    Pretty one-sided...:icon_confused:
  10. Administrator

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    I's the one side nobody hears about in the media Smilez. After all....our present day media is pretty 'one sided' itself wouldn't ya say? Someone has to present the 'other side' so that people can make better choices in their lives. I'm not trying to get people to think one way....just trying to get people to think. :sign13:
  11. SteelCity Smoker

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    It's like we just make it all up as we go. If we need more money we make more. Like who are we in debt to? Other countries is the usual answer. But what the fuck are they gonna do if we don't repay? What makes me laugh is it doesn't even sound real any more Trillions of dollars. 9 trillion dollars wtf. I normally vote republican but this year it's dem for sure this is out of control. We need someone to balance the budget and it ain't the republicans. Unless it's Huckabee maybe but i don't think he has a shot with mccain's history. Huckabee wants the fair tax and so do i. Basically it's a national sales tax. No more property or income tax. But a 23-30% tax on non neccessity items. There would still be tax refunds based on you household income. Basically i think this would work because it would push for a savings market. The blackmarket and unreported monies in this country would finally get taxed. If you can't afford the tax don't buy it. Like the Lexus your dealer drives and he still lives for $30 a month in rent cuz he reports no earnings and buys things in cash. Yet i have to pay his share of the rent cuz it comes out of public welfare funded by state and local governments yet i'm the one that works.

    I could ramble for hours but i won't... My forecast is Obama and clinton to be together regardless of who wins the noms.
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    That's what I see too. I believe it will be Clinton as Pres and Obama as her Vice.....president that is. :)
  13. allsmilez

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    Definitely thinking....

    I see what you're saying, just seems like even the debates come to be about who went to school where, who has the fat checkbook, who's freinds with who...I see alot of forgetting what the ISSUES actually are:5headache: , I mean, thay can say whatever they want to win that vote....:icon_confused: One month it's pro-choice, the next, pro-life...etc, etc....:icon_confused:

    I am a tad embarassed to say,....:icon_confused: I have never voted in a pres election, I just don't believe in casting a vote unless I BELIEVE what I hear:5headache: ...And quite honestly, I can't take people's word as truth in this day and, but true.....:smokin: I am paying closer attention this time around, I guess with time comes the realization that someday we NEED be listened to, just keep hoping that the world doesn't implode in the

    I was raised in on a farm, forced to believe that republican was the best choice, but that doesn't matter....It seems that no matter what, the senate and congress will almost always veto anyhting, just to prove A POINT, or whatever....:icon_confused: ...It's just tiring.....I HATE election years,..... They SUCK!:icon_confused:

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