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Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by the monster xxx, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. the monster xxx

    the monster xxx delta-9-THC

    so yeah, my dealer got busted and the nearest guy i know that sells lives in a town called hopkinsville,ky. and that's quite a drive on my behalf(and his weed isn't that good anyways) and my plants are still babies. so i got some stuff from a site called's supposed to be some kind of cannabis hybrid. i'm shure you've all heard the whole "it'll give you a pleasureable smoking experience, and you won't fail a test" stuff before
    needless to say, none of the effects are listed on the site, or any other similar site for that matter.(sorry for all the rambeling:rolleyes2:)
    so anyways, i got a half oz. of hawiian gold bud, and a half oz. of krypto. i'll tell ya'll how it went when i get them in the mail. and if you've tried go ahead and share your experience

    this is something totally unrealated to the subject. but with me being chinese, i've always wondered how come you never see any chinese people working at P.F. Changs? (overpriced 'chinese' restraunt)
  2. JohnH

    JohnH Smoker Extraordinaire

    Shit don't work
  3. the monster xxx

    the monster xxx delta-9-THC

    so it looks like i'm out 80 bucks than huh?
  4. Cannagirl

    Cannagirl Preheat to 420

    Pretty much :(

    Youd be better off drinking. I don't recommend drinking or anything....but nothin you can order online is gonna be any good, unless it's prescription ;)
  5. the monster xxx

    the monster xxx delta-9-THC

    yeah, nothing is quite like the green goblin lol. besides, i've heard kinda okay things about hawiian gold bud, but nothin too good. but at least i can say that i tried it
  6. kenneth_342

    kenneth_342 Started Growing

    Too bad your in the states. In canada there are websites that will ship you weed. The real deal. But they wont ship to the states.:punk:
  7. 420

    420 KING

    Im sorry man there is no alternative to weed, its a one of a kind thing, & theres no way that there is only one place to get bud in your town! ask around dude, just start talking to some one and slip in a comment about bud, trust me everyone and thier mother smokes pot.

    plus youll get a new connect
  8. Diablo2

    Diablo2 Lord of Destruction

    Yeah, Monster... Ya got fucked!!!

    That shit is BUNK!!! Ain't NO weed in that.
  9. the monster xxx

    the monster xxx delta-9-THC

    well, i didn't get fucked, i got violently raped... with slashings to proove it. the krypto didn't doo a damn thing, and the hawiian gold just gave me a soar throat, i've smoked crack that was better than that shit
  10. noone

    noone Full Flowering

    LOL :\

    Sorry man. Hit the bars,clubs...they suck I know. Go to a Linux user

    group meeting , I dunno , but most pot heads are down to help out

    a person in need ;)

    Good Luck,

  11. choker

    choker HIDING OUT

    I would say ass raped.:pottytrain1:
  12. AlienBait

    AlienBait Custom User Title

    Did it even have a good flavor, or was it a complete bust?
  13. PurePlaya420

    PurePlaya420 Full Flowering

    Damn man. I had a guy try to rip me off once and TRIED selling me some of those legal herbs dunno what kind. But shit tasted nasty! Didnt do a damn thing! and killed my throat and lungs and worst of all till this day my hookah still tastes like shit even with the Bubbleicous I got from a friend. Makes me want to cry because its totally ruined. Ive boiled it in water. Ive used every cleaning thing that ive seen in all the local headshops and then some that i bought at wally world.
  14. the monster xxx

    the monster xxx delta-9-THC

    well, the krypto didn't taste that bad at all, but i'd say that a good cigarette is better, all in all i would have to say that the free rolling machine they gave me is more usefull than the legal buds, and another thing the krypto wasen't even a bud, it was just a bunch of herbs compressed together with a bunch of unidentifyable resin, and the hawiian gold bud was nothing but a stem with a bunch of fuzzy things on it, it felt like i was smoking a cotton ball.

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