Marijuana smoking grandparents

Discussion in 'Cannabis Documentaries' started by ducrider, Dec 27, 2013.

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    ducrider growing your mamas weed

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    That's very cool.

    Interesting, they ended the segment with the public service announcement that anyone who needs drug treatment can call them and they will kumbaya your ass to a rehab (for a cool $15K)like the one that little douchebag they interviewed runs. His big contribution was original. He said that marijuana was much more potent today than ever before and that he had seen a steep rise in the incident rate of teenage marijuana abuse AND his profit margin.

    Why the fuck would they interview some twenty-something punk from a drug rehab? They should have asked how their program got listed at the local drug court, and how they qualified for medicaid payments too. I would have asked the following questions:

    Me: Have you met Judge Standish of the Bulawar County Drug Court?

    Him: Yes. We met at his judicial campaign election dinner in 2007.

    Me: At that time were you operating Save Armadillos Children From Drugs Health Center out of St. Mary's Hospital in downtown Miami?

    Him: Yes, I was the director at the time.

    Me: Did you talk to Mr. Standish about your program?

    Him: Yes. He said if I helped get him elected, he would get my program listed in drug court. He also said I had to get my wife to blow him.

    Me: Did your wife indeed blow him?

    Him: Yes. I taped it. Wanna see it? Oh never mind. But that wasn't enough for him. He wanted a kickback from every referral he sent to our program.

    Me: Do you pay it?

    Him: Yes. We get $12,456.00 from Medicaid for every patient in our 28-day program, and he knew that, so he wanted $500 for each one. He called it a referral fee. Or administration fee. Or something. I agreed because we couldn't keep the doors open without the volume we get from drug courts.

    Me: What will happen to your center when it is no longer illegal to smoke cannabis and the police cannot coerce young people into your program with the threat of jail?

    Him: We will be doomed.
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    Matlock up in here!!
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    Right on brotha FF.:smokin:

    Bet that granny grows some serious weed. Grannies can grow the shit outta anything.:redbong:
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    Some of the coolest people I know are senior citizens who smoke weed! :passsit:
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    I resemble that rematk - and I am a grandpa too!!!

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    3 grand kids here. Oldest is 8.

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