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Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by rasganjah, Apr 30, 2013.

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    #1-Strain:>Mars OG - Unknown Genetic Origin, OG Kush Pheno #2-Appearance:>8-Chunky Round Buds#3-Taste:>8-Peppery Kush start with a citrus rind and pine finish#4-Aroma:>8-Sweet Pine Sol#5-High/Stone type:>9-Mixed. Very head high but also relaxed body high.#6-Source:>Clone From a San Diego CA Dispensary#7-Price:>N/A#8-Potency:>9#9-Overall Rating:>8.5 #10-Overall Description:>A unique and pleasant variation of the OG Kush with a nice flavor and aroma and a great high. #11-Would you Reccomend:>Yes#12-Smokers General Comments:>Very enjoyable smoke. The aroma isn't crazy powerful but is still pungent enough. The flavor is very pleasant and quite strong. The high is the best part. Smoke a little and feel relaxed and aware, smoke a little more and feel really relaxed and thoughtful, smoke a lot and get baked and confused with a bad case of the munchies! :new_blackey:Growers info:Grown in Roots Organics 707 Soil. 3 gal. plastic grow bag. GH nutrients with Sugaree carb/sweetener and MOAB. 10 day flush. Yield approx 1.5 oz/plant. 10 weeks flowering time.


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  2. Discorilla

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    That looks tasty!
  3. BongRippa

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    :bong-2:mmm..sounds like its the SHIT!!
  4. rasganjah

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    It was good stuff. I smoked it up with a quickness cuz it tasted so good. I'm a sucker for a tasty bud. The better it tastes the faster I smoke it up.
  5. TheApprentice

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    Sounds good man:thumbsup: Another strain on my radar:cool: Cheers for the report Ras:icon_salut:

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